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Legacy Presidential Executive: Synergy’s Newest Pin Title

Legacy Presidential Executive: Synergy’s Newest Pin Title 

legacypresidentialDue to unprecedented success by Team Members around the world, Synergy is taking rank advancement possibilities to new heights!


Legacy Presidential caps off the Presidential ranks and presents an additional level for Synergy’s elite to strive for. Being just one step above Triple Presidential Executive, three Synergy Team Members – Yun Tae Hwang, Mark Comer, and Han Tae Hwang – are within reach! Here’s a quick look at the Legacy Presidential qualifications:


    • 2,000,000 CV Weak Leg Volume
    • Personally sponsor 4 Presidential Executives (a minimum of one Presidential Executive on each leg)


By earning the Legacy Presidential title, qualifying Team Members will be awarded four shares in Synergy WorldWide’s global bonus pool, in addition to high-value recognition gifts and accolades.

We congratulate each and every Team Member throughout the world who is leaving a legacy with their Synergy business and striving for new levels of success. Behind the recognition of each rank are countless lives that have been transformed through Synergy’s high-quality health solutions.

Thank you for all you do—we’re eager to recognize Synergy’s first-ever Legacy Presidential!

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