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July 2016 Elite Honors Qualifiers

July 2016 Elite Honors Qualifiers

elitehonors-club-blogheaderElite Honors has the power to maximize each Team Member’s earning potential. Team Members following the program are also seeing the rewards made possible through the Go Elite promotion as they continue doing what they’ve been doing all along—building their Synergy businesses.

Congratulations to the July 2016 qualifiers!

9x Qualifiers
Qualify 9 out of 12 months and receive a unique 9x qualifier pin and an Elite Honors jacket.

Belva Snow
Margie Dean

3x Qualifiers
Qualify 3 out of 12 months and receive an Elite Honors Club card, which can be used for a number of event perks, including VIP registration, special product promotions, and more!

Charlene Burnett
Melissa Holt
Keith Hampton
Wesley Anzai
Dianna Wimberly
David Miller
Michael Billauer
Jeff Clayton
George Bellack
Maile Burnett
Lra Drulle
Emilia Eiras
Diloy Norsworthy
Dr. Gumm
Anastasia Haner
Alice Uriarte
Gerard Mirandilla
John Pershing Smith
Victor Borkacki

1x Qualifiers
Qualify for Elite Honors 1 out of 12 months and receive an Elite Honors pin, recognition letter, and online recognition.

Bill Boswell
Paul Meisman
Catherine Ptak
Linda M. Miletich
Nick Martinuik
Martin Johnson
Marilyn Perkins
Ariel Chadburn
Elizabeth Blanchard
Kimberly Harames
Patricia Fowers
David Thomas
Stacey Burnett
Dan Horn
Jacinth Waldron
Nancy Harris
Aquila Smucker
Vernie Villote
Jeff Testerman
Deteria Brown
Jose Sala
Joseph Graber
Gary Crowell
Youngjoo Kim
Kimberly Austin
Patricia Daniel
Noori Lee
Dr. Ruben Garcia
Ji Sun Oh
Dylan Garrett
Olivia Rios

To learn more about Elite Honors and the Go Elite Promotion, click here.

We are seeing great activity in August already. Let’s keep the momentum going! Train your team on the importance of becoming Elite Honors qualified through the Synergy Opportunity Webinar as you achieve this highly sought after title yourself. Can’t wait to see the success that this month brings.

Congratulations to everyone who has achieved Elite Honors so far and a special congratulations to those who have achieved Elite Honors multiple times. We are impressed by your work ethic and belief, and encourage you to continue leading by example.

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