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3 Reasons your Business Needs Instagram

3 Reasons your Business Needs Instagram

instagramAside from being one of the fasting growing social media networks in the world, Instagram is a highly influential marketing tool for big businesses, small businesses, non-profits, and individuals all over the world. About 85 percent of top brands are using Instagram, proving that the network is both effective and here to stay.

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instagram-logoWe’ll be doing plenty of giveaways in the near future through our Instagram account, but you need to 1) have an Instagram account and 2) follow @synergyworldwide to win!

Don’t have an Instagram account? For your Synergy business, Instagram could be your best friend, and here’s why:

#1. Networking

It may be hard to believe, but there is more to Instagram than millions of pet, baby, food, and nature photos. Like all other social networks, Instagram was created to bring people together. The connections you find through Instagram could result in new customers and business partners. Oh, and Instagram is connected to every other social network, so if you post to Instagram, you can at the same time post the same content to all of your other social media accounts.

How to network: As you follow other people on Instagram, like their photos, and comment on their photos, you will notice your followers begin to rise if you actively post new and interesting content. High-quality images that tell a story will drive engagement.

#2. Show Your Personality

Images are worth at least a thousand words. Create an Instagram account that speaks to who you are. Collectively, all of the photos should portray who you are and entice people to see more. By successfully portraying your personality and lifestyle, intermixed with photos of you in your element as a Synergy Team Member, you’ll make your business offering more relatable and personal while leaving an impression on your followers.

Picture2#3. New demographics

As a network marketer, you make special efforts to meet new people every day so that you can

introduce Synergy’s opportunities and grow your business. Instagram connects people all of the world through compelling images that, together, tell the story of a company’s or individual’s brand. By following the type of people you hope will follow you and posting relevant content that appeals to the demographics you want to reach, you can market your Synergy business subtly and tastefully. Interestingly, Instagram’s per-follower engagement rate for top brands is 58 times higher than it is on Facebook and 120 times higher than it is on Twitter. Convinced yet?

How to engage: Learn the art of hashtagging to help the right demographics find you.  Instagram posts that include at least one hashtag receive 12.6 percent more engagement than those that don’t hashtag, and posts tagged with a location receive 79 percent higher engagement. #synergyworldwide #nutrition #healthylifestyle #entrepreneur #workfromhome

We encourage you to discover the business benefits of Instagram for yourself. It’s a great way to show limitless people your healthy lifestyle and the Synergy opportunities you want share. Plus, will be doing Instagram giveaways in the coming months!

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