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Watch Eric Poland's Transformation Story

Watch Eric Poland’s Transformation Story

Synergy WorldWide traveled to Kentucky to personally congratulate the newest SLMsmart 90-day Challenge Champion Eric Poland and learn more about his SLMsmart journey. A devoted family man and employee of the only Corvette manufacturing plant in the world, Eric lost 40 lbs. (20% of his starting body weight) and 7 inches from his waist.

Eric’s success of this year sets an important example for many, as this was NOT his first attempt to lose weight. In fact, Eric participated in last year’s SLMsmart Challenge, the year Eva Miller won her well-deserved grand prize. That year, 2015, Eric was able to lose an impressive 20 lbs. but lost momentum halfway through the competition after experiencing family and employment challenges. Remarkably, Eric was able to recommit himself a year later and become the SLMsmart Champion we celebrate today!

We commend Eric for getting “back in the saddle” this year and claiming the first place prize. Utilizing the Corvette plant’s gym during his breaks, eating a healthy diet of produce and proteins, and incorporating Synergy products into his daily regimen, Eric was able to make his weight loss goals a reality.

Enjoy the video above to see how Eric and his family have been enjoying the benefits of his newly achieved level of Elite Health.

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