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90daychallenge-lindsayAs the last month of the SLMsmart 90-day Challenge approaches, we’re checking in with our faithful challengers to gauge their progress. All of the Challengers have followed the exercise, diet, and Synergy supplement guidelines closely in pursuit of their goals. We can’t wait to share the final results and commend our diligent Challengers for the leaps they’ve made toward better health. You will be amazed by the work they’ve accomplished. We can learn a lot from these individuals!

SLMsmart Challenger

Sun dried artichoke chicken, pork barbacoa, lemon chicken, are just a few of the many SLMsmart Challenge friendly recipes Lindsay has drooled over since beginning her 90-day journey. Highly nutritious yet divine recipes can be found on the SLMsmart App and with an educated eye on the Internet. These meals are usually high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and include plenty of delicious veggies.

“I’ve done lots of other diets,” Lindsay said. “I was eating their pre-packaged food and I lost weight, but it wasn’t something I could keep doing. I like this because you’re still eating your own healthy food, so it’s attainable. It’s huge to still be able to look forward to food, because I love food.”

Lindsay, mother of two, said she isn’t the type who can meal prep every week and be OK eating the same things over and over again; however, she also doesn’t have time to spend hours on a meal. She said she frequents food blogs to find healthy recipes, but some of them are too intensive.

In previous diets, Lindsay said she felt restricted by only being able to eat certain things at certain times. Now, she can select a number of healthy options any time she is hungry. When these restrictive diets ended, she craved treats and all the other foods she felt she had been missing. Using the SLMsmart Challenge guidelines, Lindsay said she is so satisfied by the foods she is eating that she doesn’t crave junk foods.

“I never feel hungry,” Lindsay said, who has lost an impressive amount of weight thus far in the Challenge. “Another big is thing is that I like to go out to dinner and now I can go anywhere and still find something that fits my healthy lifestyle.”

Lindsay has also really clung to the SLMsmart Health Shake as her go-to breakfast. She said the protein drinks she has tried in the past were hard to chug down, but she loves both the chocolate and vanilla Health Shake flavors. All in all, she said Synergy products have helped her perform during workouts and really pushed her weight loss goals along.

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