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SLMsmart Switch: No Social Sacrifices

SLMsmart Switch: No Social Sacrifices

90daychallenge-trevorIn the second month of the SLMsmart 90-day Challenge, Challenge participants are seeing their smart choices becoming healthy habits. These habits are leading Challengers to outstanding physical transformations. Their determination to win the Challenge and ultimately achieve optimal health is inspiring many. The insights they’ve gained so far during their body transformation journeys prove that we can learn a lot from their experiences!

SLMsmart Challenger

Having tried more than a handful of diets throughout his lifetime, Trevor found that many of them were unrealistic, discouraging, and greatly altered his lifestyle.

Part of this lifestyle includes going out to eat with family and friends, which can undoubtedly be a dangerous road if you don’t know how to make smart menu choices. Through the Challenge, Trevor realized that he didn’t have to sacrifice his social life—which almost always involves food—due to his modified diet.

“I go out to lunch and out to dinner,” Trevor said. “I just find the things that fit within my diet. Surprisingly, I don’t feel unsatisfied by the foods I’m choosing either. This new way of eating isn’t discouraging at all.”

Trevor has established a love for yellow, orange, and red bell peppers, and eats them almost daily either grilled, mixed with eggs, or raw. He looks forward to eating the foods he is encouraged to incorporate into his diet, including lean proteins and vegetables. The SLMsmart App offers tasty and healthy recipes that fit within the Challenge’s diet recommendations.

In addition to conquering a pattern of healthy eating, Trevor is now executing the intermediate to difficult workouts compared to not being able to complete the intermediate workouts at the beginning of the Challenge.

“At first, I felt like my body couldn’t handle it,” Trevor said. “The cardio was so difficult for me. I didn’t know what to do; however, after I lost some weight and increased my strength, I realized everything I was attempting to do was possible. I keep telling myself, ‘You can do anything for one more month,’ and I’ll tell this to myself again at the end of this month.”

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