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ProArgi-9+ Published in 2016 Physicians’ Desk Reference

ProArgi-9+ Published in 2016 Physicians’ Desk Reference

pdr2016ProArgi-9+ has once again claimed its place in the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR). The 70th edition of the 2016 PDR contains approved drug and supplement label information in addition to hundreds of full-color product images, including a photo of ProArgi-9+. Each product description includes dosages, side effects, and more.

The PDR states that “ProArgi-9+ is the highest quality l-arginine supplement in the world,” and “ProArgi-9+ was formulated in collaboration with leading scientists and cardiovascular specialists who have conducted extensive research on the proper application of l-arginine in promoting heart health.”

Considering that the PDR is available in libraries, bookstores, pharmacies and clinics, and is a resource to physicians, medical specialists and more, ProArgi-9+’s placement in the PDR gives Synergy WorldWide valuable credibility and visibility in the marketplace. We encourage Team Members to use this as a valuable talking point as you invite others to discover ProArgi-9+ and benefit from its powerful ingredients in order to live a healthier life.

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