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Elite Honors Report Available in Pulse

Elite Honors Report Available in Pulse

elitehonors-manThere are hundreds of Team Members throughout Europe becoming Elite Honors qualified every month, and chances are a few of them are on your team!

With only two months left to earn a Go Elite bonus, it’s important to track your team’s progress so that you can support each individual in their pursuit to become Elite Honors qualified. This is why we’ve created a simple way for you to track those you personally sponsored through an easily accessible report.

To access this report you must

  • Login to your Pulse account.
  • Click on the “Reports” tab and select the “Elite Honors Report” link.

The report that opens will show the recruiting efforts of everyone you personally sponsor in the current month. The report includes the personally sponsored Team Member’s Synergy ID, their names, their qualification status, Autoship template’s activation status, TC 1 volume, new activation volume, and how many times they’ve been Elite Honors qualified.

Keep in mind that this report shows data from the current month’s open commission period. Each commission period ends when Synergy runs final bonus, which occurs approximately one week into each new month.

By checking this report often and using it to support those you sponsor, you will come closer to earning the ultimate Go Elite bonus of $1200 by sponsoring at least 10 Elite Honors qualifiers. Most importantly, you will be building a strong team with a strong foundation.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Elite Honors earnings model and the Go Elite promotion.

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