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Elite Honors Spotlight: Pauline Kehoe

Elite Honors Spotlight: Pauline Kehoe
Since the launch of the Elite Honors Club and the Go Elite Promotion, North America Team Members have adopted Elite Honors principles, applied them to their own businesses, and taught others to abide by the same business building structure for increased success.

Pauline Kehoe, a Bronze from Iowa, is a Five-Element Acupuncturist—a healer that seeks out the most exceptional health products to help her patients. In her short time with the company, Pauline said Synergy has changed her life and she will be a long-term ProArgi-9+ advocate. Her advocacy so far has led her to sign up many customers and distributors since joining Synergy in April 2015, and her work ethic landed her in the Elite Honors Club. In addition, she maintained her Bronze title, earning her $150 through the Go Elite promotion.

“Elite Honors has pushed me to give an extra effort to make a few more calls or send a few more emails each month. Just last night, it prompted me to reach out, and it resulted in a new Team Member! The distinction Elite Honors provides to focus on both customers and Team Members is key, because supporting people’s needs builds relationships and teams. A preferred customer experiencing amazing results is someone who can become an incredible referral source or an enthusiastic Team Member.

There is nothing better than sharing a product that literally changed my life, my husband’s life and the lives of many friends and colleagues. The results are staggering. When I hear about them it warms my heart and gives me chills. I have a great respect for Synergy and how supportive they are of their independent distributors. Never before have I been a part of a DSA company that has created a business structure that truly fosters growth and opportunity the way that Synergy Worldwide has.”

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