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Elite Honors Spotlight: David Yost

Elite Honors Spotlight: David Yost

Since the launch of the Elite Honors Club and the Go Elite Promotion, North America Team Members have adopted the principles, applied them to their own businesses, and taught others to abide by the same business building structure.

These same Team Members are now convinced that this is the most productive way to build a stable, profitable Synergy business, and see financial results quickly.

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See what this Team Member had to say about his rewarding experience so far:

David Yost, Greenville, South Carolina

“I joined Synergy on June 2, and enrolled my first distributor in the middle of June. The Compensation Plan combined with Elite Honors is great, and I’ve had a lot of experience with different plans in the past. All I’ve done so far is drip emails about the product and opportunity to my email list of 400-500 people. I imagine that being even more proactive than this and hitting it even harder will produce even greater results. I earned $420 in my first month with Synergy, which is 20% commissions, and normally, most plans don’t allow you to get paid that much at the lowest pin level.

Elite Honors is a solid starting point. All of the requirements are very attainable, and if you find that they aren’t attainable at first, they will be over time as you establish yourself in network marketing. Being Elite Honors qualified is the way to go. When I talk to people about my experience with this plan they are impressed by its potential and my commissions after such a short period of time.”

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