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2015 Tailored Coaching with SLMsmart

 Tailored Coaching with SLMsmart

We are almost one month into the SLMsmart Challenge with incredible weight loss stories developing. At this point in the game, it can become more tempting than ever to revert back to old, unhealthy habits. Once devoted challenge participants steer off the weight loss path, but only temporarily. It’s expected that there will be hiccups along the way. The important thing is that our challenge participants commit to get back on the path immediately after slipping up on their meal or exercise plans.

Lucky for our challenge participants, two understanding health gurus—our very own SLMsmart coaches—are there to guide them back to that path every step of the way. Each participant had the opportunity to receive customized advice this week during one-on-one consultations with Drew or Lynn Manning. These consultations were designed to help participants prevent future slip-ups and enhance the great work they are already engaging in.

This individualized attention is available for anyone who signs up for the SLMsmart Challenge.

Here are some of the takeaways our challenge participants shared with us after their one-on-ones:

Lee & Crystal Edwards, Utah

“I was able to ask Drew questions about my body type because the app—while very helpful—is a general guideline and doesn’t consider individual needs. I have a workout routine that is more specific to my goals now. I feel really confident now going forward and it’s great to have the ultimate cheerleaders there for me consistently throughout this process.” — Lee Edwards

“Before meeting with Lynn, I couldn’t get my legs to burn out with the exercise routine I was following. Lynn gave me specific instructions on how to change the way I was squatting and lunging for optimal muscle training that fit my strength level. I wouldn’t have known what to do otherwise.” — Crystal Edwards

Denise Butcher, Florida

“Drew really understands the stumbling blocks that I’m going through because he has experienced it! Some adjustments were made to my diet. For instance, I was eating a boiled egg after my workouts, but Drew advised me to drink the SLMsmart shake because it would give my broken down muscles more immediate attention. My husband is ecstatic by the results he has already seen and mentions it every day.”
Pete Miller, Colorado

“I am in construction, so I work hard on a daily basis. Drew was able to customize my meal plan during our consultation so that I would have enough energy throughout the day to do my job and still have enough energy at the gym. I simply added a few eggs to my SLMsmart shake at breakfast. The day after I made the alternations to my diet that Drew recommended, I found that I had plenty of energy at the gym and I could really feel the difference in my workout.”
Jim Smith, California

“Drew recommended that I admit my weaknesses to other participants in the Facebook group. He made me realize I’m not a bad person and that there could be others, just like me, who are feeling a bit down or haven’t been perfect. Salad and roast beef tonight, and tomorrow we launch again!”

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