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Brent Burnett On Leveraging Promotions

Brent Burnett On Leveraging Promotions

Team Director Brent Burnett is a champion of leveraging Synergy promotions to incentivize his Team and motivate himself. Not only has Brent earned the most recent Fast Start Bonus Booster, but he has a long history of winning challenges and earning promotional bonuses: He qualified and attended both the Cabo and Cancun vacation. He earned iPads and Kindles and plenty of prizes. He earned PAB’s and DAB’s in the Activity Bonus Program held earlier this year. His hard work has put cash in his pocket, stamps on his passport and a smile on his face.

As a result of these-and-more achievements, Brent has a thriving business and an ever-increasing income. His success has inspired more success, and members of his organization are following his example. His Team Members are joining him on vacations and at events because he has taught them to leverage Synergy promotions. Best of all, he knows that these promotions are small steps to the bigger payoffs made possible by the MegaMatch.

Check out the quick-and-cold interview with Brent Burnett below: 

Congratulations to Brent for being one of our Fast Start Bonus Booster earners and for all of his success so far. We look forward to seeing him leverage the exciting promotions we have planned for 2015 (more info about those to be announced at the 2015 Kickoff event on January 23!) along with the other amazing men and women on his Team!

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