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November 2014 Webinar Recording: Shane Greer, Drew & Lynn Manning

Webinar Recording: Shane Greer, Drew & Lynn Manning

A large number of wonderful people tuned into last night’s webinar, either on the web or over the phone. They were introduced by Synergy VP Stewart Rutter to Shane Greer, the new General Manager of Synergy North America.Following a few words from Shane, Drew & Lynn Manning shared the importance of protein, and discussed a few of the reasons why they’ve been recommending the SLMsmart Health Shake to their friends and family.

For those that missed last night’s webinar, you can check out the recordings below (broken into 2 parts for your convenience).

Nov 12 Webinar Part I: Introducing Shane Greer
Nov 12 Webinar Part II: Drew & Lynn Manning on Protein and Health Shake

Thanks to all who participated in this webinar and to all who are ready to make the most of what was learned.

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