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Synergy-sponsored cyclist breaks UCI record 2014

Synergy-sponsored cyclist breaks UCI record

Mathias Brändle, a 24-year-old professional cyclist from Austria who is a member of the Synergy-sponsored team IAM Cycling, beat a Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) record by cycling 51.852 km in one hour. This distance beat cyclist Jens Voigt’s previous record by .742 km.

Brändle conquered his goal in front of 900 spectators on the World Cycling Center’s 200-meter track in Aigle, Switzerland. He said the crowd’s support helped him keep his eye on the finish and never lose focus.

“The closer the hour comes, the easier it is, because you know it is coming to an end and you can handle the pain,” Brändle said. “First, I was sure with 30 minutes that I could do it, but then I had a difficult period. I hoped I could recover, and in the end it was enough. I’m really happy about it.”

This unbelievable fete is a true testament of the caliber of athletes Synergy WorldWide is sponsoring. Athletes like Brändle trust Synergy products and rely on them to perform at the level Brändle displayed during his record-breaking ride.

In an interview with Synergy Scandinavia’s General Manager Bengt Emanuelsson, Brändle said he values what ProArgi-9+ has done for his health and fitness in all aspects of cycling, but is especially pleased with the way it has helped his performance in races.

“In stage races, ProArgi-9+ helps me maintain normal muscle function – it helps me fight tiredness and fatigue,” Brändle said. “This is also what makes the difference.”

Synergy WorldWide is honored to support athletes, such as Mathias Brändle, in their pursuit of greatness and would like to congratulate Brändle and the IAM Cycling team on this admirable accomplishment. Many more great accomplishments are sure to come.

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