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August 2014 Open House Update: Featured Speaker Lineup

Open House Update: Featured Speaker Lineup

You won’t want to miss this Friday’s Open House Event. Synergy has lined up a panel of several top earners and leaders to present their Synergy story and share their expertise with you and your guests.

Dan Higginson, Synergy WorldWide’s Founder, will introduce his vision and history on Friday afternoon following the guided tour of the Manufacturing Facility.

Along with Mr. Higginson, Synergy’s Executive Team will welcome Open House attendees. This is an opportunity to hear from Synergy President Dan Norman and Vice President Stewart Rutter.

The panel for Friday evening is set to be packed with power. Four of Synergy’s top leaders from the field will share how they’ve made the most of the Synergy opportunity. For starters, Presidential Executives Paul Blad and Rudy Pedroza have come to town and are ready to present their reasons for choosing Synergy as the foundation for their success.

Paul & Rudy will be joined by two-time World Series Champion and Synergy Presidential Executive Dane Iorg. Dane will present his Synergy story and passion for our flagship product, ProArgi-9+.

Finally, Open House attendees will hear from Double Presidential Executive Dianne Leavitt, whose contagious enthusiasm is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The whole event starts in Spanish Fork at 1 PM at our manufacturing facility this Friday, August 22. Invite your friends, share the news and plan on being there to learn more about the company changing lives across the globe.

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