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2014 New Pearl Executive: Yumiko Murashima

New Pearl Executive: Yumiko Murashima

Congratulations to Ms. Yumiko Murashima, Synergy Japan’s newest Pearl Executive Team Member.

This remarkable woman began leaving a legacy in 2005 when she joined Synergy in her home country of Japan. Today she leads a large, active team in the western part of the country.

Before joining Synergy, Murashima had been a part of various network marketing companies for approximately 17 years. According to her, joining Synergy WorldWide has brought that 17 year journey to an end. Based on her experiences, the decision to join Synergy was originally very difficult, but it was the potential made possible by Synergy’s compensation plan that ultimately convinced her to be a part of our Team.

“These compensation plans provide the opportunity of success for everyone,” said Murashima. “It is quite timely. The memory of many of my friends’ faces flashed across my mind one after another. I thought I had to tell all of them about Synergy.”

Murashima’s team, which she named “D.L.Brave,” has been rapidly grown as unique seminars have regularly been held to support newcomers. “D.L.Brave” means “D of Dream, L of Love and Brave of Bravery.” Murashima said “others don’t understand anything if we talk without dreams and love. On the other hand, we cannot fully convey anything without bravery. If we fail to carry out one of these three elements, our activity would become just work.”

Again we congratulate Yumiko Murashima for this great accomplishment. Her steady activity and sincere efforts have been a fantastic example for Team Members throughout Japan and across the world. We wish her continued success as a Pearl Executive and beyond.

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