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February Activity Bonus Report

February Activity Bonus Report

In its first month, the Activity Bonus Program was implemented by many fantastic Team Members across North America. These Team Members pushed themselves to find new customers and distributors, and Synergy WorldWide is delighted to recognize and reward them for their efforts.

Truly, these cash bonuses are just the tip of the iceberg. The men and women who have earned PABs and DABs are experiencing network marketing at its finest. Remember, the requirements of these bonuses are the fundamental business building activities that can lead to extreme growth in residual income.

We congratulate those who earned these bonuses in February, and we are especially excited for the endless possibilities that lie ahead of those who continue on this path.


Willa Holgate
Mrs. Holgate, a Synergy Team Member since 2012, is ready to take advantage of this year’s Activity Bonuses. Her own February PAB was earned sponsoring a new TM, Sherylann Jordan, at 300 CV along with two new customers. Sherylann, who is Mr. Holgate’s massage therapist, was impressed by the improvement in his rheumatoid arthritis, which he attributed to ProArgi-9+. Sherylann sought out more information, met with Willa, and joined the team on Feb 5th. Understanding to potential and value of the Synergy Advantage, Sherylann then went to work and earned her own PAB.
Mark Comer
Synergy’s top earner knows the value of correct business building practices, and this past month he put those practices to work. With his passion for Synergy continuing to drive his business, Double Presidential Mark Comer worked to sponsor four new TMs at 300 CV each, and found two new customers as well. One of his new TMs then earned his own PAB, qualifying Mark for his first ever DAB. Mark was asked why he is still out sponsoring even at his already-profitable level, to which he replied: “It makes me feel good to see my friends and associates benefiting from the products. I know that it will help them financially as well, so I keep telling my Synergy story.”
Tommy Bethards and David Johnston
Last year’s Top 50 Challenge winners are hungry to conquer the promotions of 2014 as well. February was a successful month for them, as they earned DAB’s for two of their new Team Members (that’s $300 for the month, just in Activity Bonuses)!

For the rest of the story, see the post entitled “First Duplication Bonuses Achieved” by clicking here.


Carol Priem Pamela Krajnik David Johnston & Tommy Bethards
Kathleen Avila Alexander Vance Fred Girbert
Jospehine-Ann Gennaro Joy & Richard Matwyshen Bart & Sheila Lund
RSL LLC Denise Butcher Renee La Montagne
Dave Rogness Gerri Bingham Thu Nguyen
Hong Xuan Nguyen Sarah Johnson Sara Holt
Nancy Kerbs Mark Comer Marketing Level LLC
Marie Chippie Barbara McKeever Dane Iorg
John Richards Judy Swanson Marline McCracken
Willa Holgate Sherylann Jordan Connie Nielsen
Dr. Bruce Lewandowski Linda Barnhorst Dr. David Sim
William D. Styles Andrea Engelken Cervenka Rudy Pedroza & Paul Blad
Cliff Rosang Leslie Kentrolis Corrine Brandi
Edward Wertz Brent Garner Steve & Tina Cordner

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