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First Duplication Bonuses Achieved

North America has its first Duplication Bonus Earners! We would like to congratulate Tommy Bethards and David Johnston for hitting this milestone and earning extra cash. Last year they conquered the Top 50 Challenge, and this year they are committed to making the most out of the Activity Bonus Program.

Earlier in the month, just after learning about the program, Tommy and David sought out two new customers along with two great new Team Members, Alexander and Kathleen. Doing so earned them a quick $50 Personal Activity Bonus (PAB) and created potential for duplication and real business building.

The next step for Tommy and David was to work proactively with Kathleen and Alexander, helping them to earn their own PABs.

Alexander, a college student, quickly found two new customers and, for his first time ever, sponsored a new Team Member! Well done Alexander!

Kathleen, also a student, followed suit not long after. Upon receiving her first check, Kathleen called Tommy, excitedly thanking him and expressing her enthusiasm for the business opportunities ahead.

Both Alexander and Kathleen have much to be excited about. Simply adding their Personal Activity Bonuses to their Fast Start Bonus and commissions this month results in a nice chunk of cash sure to help any student’s budget. As for Tommy and David, their hard work has earned them $300 just in Activity Bonuses this month, and the foundation of their Mega-Match-earning business is now stronger than ever.

One Week Left
Have you earned your own Personal Activity Bonus this month? If so, how about your Duplication Activity Bonus? Are you increasing the amount of newly sponsored Team Members in your pool for future Duplication Activity Bonuses? There’s still a week left to maximize your February foundation! Remember, you have until midnight this Friday to submit your forms and claim your cash!

For more information about Personal Activity Bonuses and our Activity Bonus Program, click here.

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