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Personal Activity Bonus Earner: Carol Priem

Personal Activity Bonus Earner: Carol Priem

Carol stands with Synergy Founder Dan Higginson
and her sponsor Carl Schuelke

We would like to congratulate our first earner of the Personal Activity Bonus, part one of our new Activity Bonus Program: Carol Priem of Mesa Arizona!

Carol sponsored a new Team Member at 300 CV and two new customers at 170 CV, each with a jumbo-size canister of ProArgi-9+. She has been a Synergy Team Member for a few years and has a great upline that includes both Carl Schuelke and Gerri Bingham.

According to Carol, achieving this PAB was the result of simple, consistent efforts. Along with Carl Schuelke, Carol attends a “jam session” each week where she both plays and listens to live music. At a recent jam session, Carol and Carl passed a ProArgi-9+ brochure along to friends Melvin & Pat Enger. The Engers read over the potential health benefits of the product then began asking questions about the business opportunity. After a few simple answers from Carol and Carl, the Engers decided to join Synergy WorldWide. Today they are excited and working to earn their own PAB, with Carol and Carl helping along the way.

As for Carol’s two new customers, the experience was quite similar. A brochure that Carol had displayed at the local country store caught the eye of Laverne. Curious, Laverne decided to investigate ProArgi-9+, hoping it could help to ease some health difficulties she had been enduring. Laverne reached out to Carol, signed up as a customer and purchased her first jumbo of ProArgi-9+!

The second new customer had been an acquaintance of both Carol and Carl for a long time. This acquaintance, Norm, had done little more than once asking his doctor about ProArgi-9+. The uninformed doctor had replied that ProArgi-9+ was probably nothing more than “candy.” Thankfully, Norm decided to try the so-called “candy” and put ProArgi-9+ to the test. After all, nothing else seemed to be working. He purchased a jumbo to get started and is reportedly feeling better already, looking forward to his next doctor’s appointment.

“This business is simple,” says Synergy Director of Sales Howard Hannemann. “It simply requires effort and the occasional step out of our comfort zone. We encourage you to follow Carol and Carl’s example and gain your own experiences. Become a product of the product, and this will give you the confidence to share it with others. We have a variety of tools and resources available for you to use, and remember to always reach out to your sponsors and upline! They want you to succeed! The Synergy culture of teamwork and helping others is very strong. When you put others first and reach out to meet their needs, your business will flourish!”

Good News for Carol: As an extra reward for being the first to achieve a PAB, we are surprising Carol with the TriAction Skin Care System (we found out she’s a big fan!). Congratulations to Carol! Keep up the good work!

For more information about Personal Activity Bonuses and our Activity Bonus Program, click here.

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