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Craft the Perfect Elevator Pitch

Craft the Perfect Elevator Pitch

You have 30 seconds to tell me why Synergy WorldWide has the products and business opportunity for me. Ready, go.

While scrambling for what to say, you will probably mention the product quality, generous compensation plan, incredible leaders and exciting events. After exceeding your 30-second time limit, you might remember that you didn’t mention Synergy’s promotions or its service projects. You may have also left out what Synergy products are actually formulated to do.

Do you feel like you are shoving the entire circus into a clown car? Well, you aren’t the only one. It’s almost impossible to nail an elevator pitch without preparation.

Crafting an elevator pitch is a lot like writing the thesis of an essay. You want to give your audience a succinct description of your topic, combining a few key elements to give them a general idea of the company’s goals, all while setting yourself apart from other company’s pitches and making your audience care about the idea or product you are selling.

Now, it’s time to start drafting. Use these six tips to give your elevator pitch the hook it needs.

1. Define your core message. If your audience takes one thing away from your elevator pitch, what will it be? Determine what this is. What is the most important thing you wish to share about Synergy WorldWide? Your pitch should revolve around this message.

2. Write it down. Write down everything you’d want a prospective Synergy customer or distributor to know about the company. Now cross out anything that you know is not essential to piquing the interest of your audience. The points that remain should summarize your core message.

3. Organize. Begin your pitch by quickly divulging who you are and what company or product you are talking about. Here, you can mention when Synergy was founded and what its core principles are. This should take 10-15 second of your 30-second pitch. The rest of the time should be spent selling your audience on the core message.

4. Tailor to your audience. Your pitch is not about you. Your pitch is about your audience. What is in it for them? Some of Synergy’s most successful Team Members find people to sponsor by telling them why Synergy fits their needs. You may want to prepare a few variations of your pitch so that you can connect with various demographics.

5. Cut out fancy language. Be real. Be personable. Communicate professionally, but in a way that makes it easy for your audience to relate to you. Lose the network marketing jargon for a few seconds; this will disconnect the audience from your core message.

6. Practice. Make sure your pitch is effective. Share it with your associates and ask for their opinion. Practice until all nerves subside and you are confident presenting your pitch to anyone and everyone.

If your pitch isn’t resonating with your audience, keep editing. Find a different approach. If you get your pitch right, you may find that more and more of your contacts are latching on to Synergy’s products and business plan.

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