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3 Proteins— for Maximum Stomach Satisfaction

Many people do not get adequate protein on a regular basis. Additionally, many people simply don’t realize the importance of increasing their protein intake while trying to lose weight— but they should!

Protein helps fuel the body all day long and provides muscles with amino acids—building blocks that are needed for important muscle growth and repair. Check out these other essential protein functions:

• Proteins are key components of antibodies, digestive enzymes, hormones, blood (hemoglobin), fingernails and hair—most things you can’t live without!
• Proteins control muscle movement, from simple, restful breathing to slam-dunking a basketball. • Proteins help cells communicate with each other.
• Increasing protein intake can help build muscle mass, which leads to a faster metabolism—the rate at which your body burns fuel for energy.

Our delicious SLMsmart Health Shake provides three different types of protein for a balanced, more satisfying meal replacement!

•Whey protein breaks down quickly and speeds amino acids to the muscles, aiding faster recovery after exercise or stretching. Whey also contains higher amounts of the amino acid leucine, which helps stimulate protein synthesis.

•Soy is considered a medium-release protein. It takes a little bit longer to break down soy into those building blocks.

•Casein, a dairy protein, is the most complex of the three. It is digested more slowly and provides a slower but steady supply of amino acids to the body via the bloodstream. Since it stays in the digestive system the longest, casein adds to a welcome feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

Each serving of our delicious SLMsmart Health Shake provides 26 grams of our pure protein blend to nourish your body and stave off hunger. Enjoy complete meal replacement and feel full for up to four hours!

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