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2014 New Advisory Board Members

New Advisory Board Members

The Synergy WorldWide Advisory Board is designed to be comprised of men and women capable of advancing the ongoing strategy of our company. For this reason, we are pleased to announce North America’s Top 10 point earners of 2013 as the newest members of our Advisory Board. We are confident that the company will greatly benefit from the wisdom, talents and expertise that each of them will contribute.

2014 Synergy WorldWide Advisory Board Members


David Johnston & Tommy Bethards      Steve & Roxanne Seely      
Joy & Richard Matwyshen Edward Wertz
Mylo Berstad Cynthia Wiggins
Gwen Brown Lee & Crystal Edwards
Pamela Krajnik Marty & Heather Holker


The first board meeting will be held January 23, the Thursday before this month’s Open House event.
We will also be holding another meeting in March on the shores of Cancun, Mexico.
The objective of the Synergy WorldWide Advisory Board is to generate, propose and promote any idea that will effectively further the ability for Team Members across the market to achieve success and leave a legacy. These Board Members will work to accomplish this objective within the first half of this new year.

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