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Boise Symposium Recap

Boise Symposium Recap

Last weekend, Team Members and guests gathered from all around to attend the Synergy Symposium in Boise, Idaho. These men and women were treated to a special business-building education, a panel of guest speakers, and a warm, energetic crowd.

“The enthusiasm was terrific,” said Synergy Founder Dan Higginson, one of the event’s guest speakers. “It was a group of great people who really are working hard to leave a legacy. You know, we talk all day at Synergy about team work and how the team mentality is the only way to really succeed. These people get it. They were there to help, encourage and learn from each other. It was great to see. It was great to be a part of the event.”

Dan Higginson was joined by Dan Austin of the High Desert Heart Institute, Presidential Executive Scott Brumfield, and other outstanding leaders. Each of them spoke to the crowd helping them better understand the Synergy Advantage. The enjoyable kick-off event was hosted on Friday night, and the main-event was held Saturday featuring in-depth trainings, helpful presentations, an enjoyable luncheon, and a high-value education.

Team Leader and Event Host Pamela Krajnik remarked: “The people there were feeling the passion so strongly. It was great to have the support from Synergy’s corporate team and everyone who came. There was so much emotion at the Symposium and such a high level of commitment. I’d say it was a great success.”

Synergy WorldWide thanks all of the Symposium attendees. Thank you for your time, your positivity and your success, present and future. Special thanks to Pamela Krajnik, to Bill Styles, to all the guest speakers, and to everyone who worked hard to make the event a success. We look forward to the great things that lie ahead of all who attended.

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