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Executive Message from Dan Norman 05 September 2013

Executive Message from Dan Norman

Synergy WorldWide Team: 

I commend our Team Members across the globe for their noteworthy achievements this summer. By looking at our impressive numbers, it is clear that we have many supportive and effective leaders in our ranks. In July alone, two Team Members rank advanced to Emerald Executive, while three advanced to Pearl Executive. Congratulations to the following individuals:

  • Gyun Han Lee, Emerald Executive (Korea)
  • Hendro Soeyoto, Emerald Executive (Indonesia)
  • Mi Ae Kim, Pearl Executive (Korea)
  • Nurhamzah, Pearl Executive (Indonesia)
  • Emilia Agussalim & Ricky Steven Theixar, Pearl Executives (Indonesia)

As a company, we had 114 Team Members who rank advanced to Team Leader and above—these are remarkable accomplishments!

As you reach your goals, you help your teams do the same, ultimately creating a chain reaction of wellness in your communities. A steadily increasing number of people are finding the life-enriching physical and financial benefits of Synergy products. Many of you are reaching great heights in this company, and we expect this momentum to continue indefinitely as you share the Synergy Advantage to the world.

Global Summit 2013
All of your successes this year are cause to celebrate, and with the highly anticipated 2013 Global Summit around the corner, we have the opportunity to unite in Seoul, Korea, and applaud you for your hard work. Growth in rank advancements is one of many exciting progressions Synergy has seen in recent months. We broke into the weight management market when we launched SLMsmart in the United States. This natural weight management system has helped many distributors and customers reach their weight loss goals, and we are proud to announce that this line of product will be available in Korea upon its international debut at the Global Summit. We are eager to see the positive impact these powerful products have on Korean Team Members’ businesses and their quality of life. Our executive team is looking forward to sharing more about Synergy WorldWide’s future at the Global Summit.

New Chief Scientific Officer
Our No. 1 priority at Synergy is creating high-potency, natural products that are of the highest quality. However, this is unattainable without the expertise of our distinguished team of scientists. In May we welcomed Dr. Matthew Tripp, Ph.D., as the new Chief Scientific Officer—an integral leader at our manufacturing facility. His extensive background in research and development, including many years’ in Fortune 500 companies, makes him a fundamental addition. We are honored to have Dr. Tripp aboard and commit to continue bringing only the most reputable professionals to our team.

Pro-Argi9+ in the Medical World
Medical specialists across the United States have manufacturers’ prescribing information at their fingertips through the annually published Physicians’ Desk Reference. ProArgi-9+ will make its first appearance in the PDR’s 68th edition coming 2014. Anyone with access to the PDR can read a full legal description about our best-selling product. This publication is not only available to physicians, but is available through various bookstores and electronic libraries, making information about our product available to the masses. The PDR is the most respected and recognized medical reference book available today, which means ProArgi-9+—and Synergy WorldWide—will receive more traffic and notoriety. We hope this publicity encourages more people to discover ProArgi-9+ and its value in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Legacy Retreat 2014
Some of you may already be looking forward to kicking back on the beach in Oahu, Hawaii. Congratulations to those of you who have already qualified for this island getaway. Qualifiers will enjoy an all-inclusive vacation at the Hilton Hawaiian Village from January 12-16. Legacy Retreat is always an unforgettable event full of relaxation, fine dining and adventure. This is your chance to mingle with Synergy’s elite. I look forward to seeing many more leaders qualify for this event before the December 31 cutoff. I’m looking forward to a productive fall and want to sincerely thank you for your dedicated efforts in expanding Synergy’s reach and sharing our “Leave a Legacy” mission with the world. Synergy WorldWide is driven by you. I look forward to sharing these exciting times with all of you.


Dan Norman
Synergy WorldWide

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