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SLMsmart & Introducing Dr. Stacey Bell

Introducing Dr. Stacey Bell

The expert behind the SLMsmart system, dedicated to helping people slim, lose and maintain.

Those who were able to attend the 2013 Business Builder Conference had a chance to witness Synergy’s largest product launch since ProArgi-9+. As the SLMsmart system was unveiled, the crowd also had the privilege of meeting and hearing from Dr. Stacey Bell, the mind behind the SLMsmart product formulas and system overall. As a renowned nutrition expert with over 40 years of experience, Dr. Bell stands by the SLMsmart system as the truly smart way to lose fat and maintain a healthy weight.


  • Doctor of Science in Nutrition
  • Registered Dietitian
  • 40+ years of experience
  • Former Harvard Medical School faculty member
  • Over 120+ peer-reviewed and other scientific articles published
  • Holds 6 patents
  • Over 100 scientific lectures given around the world, including radio and TV appearances
  • Author/contributor to over 30 books, editor of 8 books
  • Conducted 12+ clinical studies to test nutritional products in patients with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and AIDS.
  • Dietary supplement and functioncal food expert
  • Past work with Dr. Barry Sears, Dr. Andrew Weil, Slim-Fast, Abbott Labs, Nestle, Mead Johnson and Tony Robbins.

Just as Synergy President Dan Norman expresses in the video below, we at Synergy WorldWide are grateful for Dr. Bell’s dedication to helping others, and we’re excited about SLMsmart system’s ability to help people feel great and live healthy across the world.

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