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Dr. Tripp and the Future of Synergy WorldWide 2014

Dr. Tripp and the Future of Synergy WorldWide

Meet Dr. Matthew Tripp, the Chief Scientific Officer of Synergy/Nature’s Sunshine. Dr. Tripp came to Synergy with a vision and with specific goals. He is an expert in nutrition with a passion for improving public health. What he has planned for the future of this company is nothing short of exciting.

Watch this new video (below) to get to know Dr. Tripp, and hear about the steps he’s taking with Synergy WorldWide to change the world.

2014 Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Please note that the Synergy corporate office, Customer Service department and store will be closed the following days as we observe the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family:

Thursday, November 27
Friday, November 28

Additionally, the Customer Service department will close at 6 pm MT on Wednesday, November 26th (as opposed to the regularly scheduled 8 pm closing).

Normal hours of operation will resume on Monday, December 1. As a reminder, online ordering and enrollment will continue to be available through Synergy Pulse.

Most importantly, The team at Synergy WorldWide HQ offers its sincere gratitude for our Team Members and customers throughout North America. We hope each of you enjoy a safe and cheerful Thanksgiving!

2014 Synergy Recognized as "Healthiest Company" Again!

Synergy Recognized as “Healthiest Company” Again!

For the seventh year in a row, Synergy WorldWide/Nature’s Sunshine was named by Interactive Health as one of “the Healthiest Companies in America.” International Health (IHS) evaluates over 1,400 companies each year, and in 2013, only 68 companies nationwide earned this recognition. And if that weren’t enough, NSP/Synergy is one of just three companies in America to earn this award seven years in a row!

“We are proud to again honor Nature’s Sunshine with the Healthiest Companies in America award,” said Joseph O’Brien, Interactive Health President and CEO. “These organizations have created a culture of health that goes beyond helping at-risk employees improve health. They have found creative ways to make achieving individual and corporate wellness goals fun,” he said.

The mission of Synergy WorldWide is to transform lives around the world by providing the most innovative and highest quality health solutions. Part of that mission means encouraging employees to adopt healthier lifestyles. Our “culture of health” encompasses a variety of programs throughout the year. Some of these include:

  • a 12-week Fitness Challenge
  • an annual 5K Fun Run/Walk
  • a “Walktober” walking program
  • gym membership reimbursements
  • an annual health fair
  • free company products and more

Employees choose the programs and activities they want to participate in and get rewarded for it.

The program works too! A large number of Nature’s Sunshine and Synergy employees have shown improvements in key areas, including lower blood pressure, lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and improved blood glucose levels.

NSP Chief Executive Officer Greg Probert was pleased. “We love being one of America’s healthiest companies,” he said. “This recognition demonstrates our ongoing and relentless commitment to health. Our employees take charge of their lives. They work to maintain excellent health utilizing the wellness program and other tools and benefits. We’re extremely proud to qualify for this award again.”

Christine Frazier, Manager of Insurance Benefits and Wellness at NSP, said, “Nature’s Sunshine/Synergy WorldWide is truly part of an elite group that has achieved this status. As a group, we are getting healthier and helping people be healthier down the road. And healthy employees make a company stronger and more productive. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.”

Synergy in Seattle December 2nd 2014

Synergy in Seattle, December 2nd

The Emerald City— home to the Space Needle, the Pike Place Fish Market, the Seattle Seahawks and several of Synergy’s top earners. This is the best place to be on Tuesday, December 2nd, as Presidential Executives Paul Blad and Rudy Pedroza, and Emerald Executive Bart Woodcook host a very special meeting for you and your guests.

Here you’ll have the chance to meet the remarkable Drew & Lynn Manning of Drew & Lynn are ready to share their unique and powerful story with the Pacific Northwest. This couple has inspired thousands of people to improve their lives and their health, and they’ve teamed up with Synergy to provide powerful solutions for anyone looking for a positive transformation.

DATE: Tuesday, December 2, 2014
TIME: 7:30 pm (PT)
LOCATION: DoubleTree Hotel,
16500 Southcenter Pkwy, Seattle, WA 98188.
(click here for map)

Mark this on your calendar, share the news with your friends, and don’t miss this event!
For more information, contact Synergy Customer Service at 801-769-7800.

2014 Diamond Executive Emerges in Europe

Diamond Executive Emerges in Europe

Hakan Cetin, one of Synergy Europe’s most influential leaders, has taken has business one step closer to Presidential Executive and is Central Europe’s first-ever Diamond Executive.


Hakan found network marketing at the age of 25 as he was eight semesters into his studies at Dortmund Technical Institute for Chemistry. He was hoping to find a financial path that would give him the flexibility to enjoy his life rather than work his life away. He joined three companies that are now out of business.

Just as Hakan was deciding to end his career in network marketing for good, his friend and sponsor William Martin was calling him again and again to share the Synergy WorldWide opportunity. Hakan finally listened to William’s proposition the sixth time he called and was intrigued by what William had to say. Upon learning about Synergy’s stability and strong partnership with Nature’s Sunshine, he decided to activate. One week after becoming a Synergy distributor, Hakan flew to the U.S. to meet his upline and sit down with Synergy Founder Dan Higginson.

“This meeting changed my life!” Hakan said. “I’m so thankful that William Martin gave me the opportunities he did. It has meant so much to me. Dan Higginson embodies the type of person that I admire.”

Hakan said he knew from his first week as a Team Member that Synergy WorldWide was special; that is was a company that could stand the test of time because of its values, philosophy and, of course, the amazing products. Hakan started a daily ProArgi-9+ regimen seven years ago and feels younger now than he has “in over a decade.” Seeing the impact Synergy products have in not only his life, but the lives of those he shares them with makes life fulfilling. Each new testimonial he hears confirms that Synergy WorldWide is here to stay.
He is convinced that Synergy can become one of the next billion dollar businesses in the network marketing industry because of its solid foundation.

“The time to start a business with Synergy has never been better,” Hakan said. “The future never looked brighter than today. We go from one record year to another record year.”

Hakan acknowledges the September 2014 launch of SLMsmart and e9 in Europe as it addresses two of the largest needs in the world – weight management and energy. “The results that Germany, Austria and Slovenia saw following the launch are directly correlated to these phenomenal products,” Hakan said, “but the momentum is just beginning.” He encourages all Team Members to really push themselves these next few months with the new products because amazing things are bound to happen.

The unwavering work ethic that Germany and Austria has showed this year, including Hakan’s tremendous team and their efforts, propelled Hakan to the Diamond Executive position. He thanks everyone in his network for helping him to this new level of success. He also credits his wife who is his biggest supporter for helping him achieve his goals and dreams. Though William Martin passed away in 2014, Hakan remembers him often and thinks about the drastic difference this man made in his life and the lives of thousands more.

“If you love what you do and believe in it, just keep going!” Hakan said. “If you have a strategy and a strong team behind you with the same goals, then success is only a matter of time.”

Hakan’s most recent goals have been far exceeded, he said, and he is very proud of the team in Central Europe overall which had 159 rank advancements in October 2014, including two Pearl Executives. His long-term goal is to help 10 people reach absolute financial freedom by December of 2016.

“Life has phases of failure and success,” Hakan said, “so don’t just throw in the towel when life is difficult. A better day is coming soon. Focus on strengthening your weaknesses rather than increasing the amount in your bank account and you will find that your income grows as you grow.”

2014 New Size Scoop, Same Great Formula

New Size Scoop, Same Great Formula

Some of you may have noticed a very little change within your ProArgi-9+ containers. Don’t be alarmed! The scoop hiding inside has been slightly shrunk, and if you look closer (really close… like with a microscope) you will see that there has been one other change made as well: each particle of ProArgi-9+ is now slightly smaller than before!

Why the change? The great minds on our world-class Quality Assurance Team have chosen to manufacture ProArgi-9+ into smaller particles so that it’s more mixable, and so that it more smoothly pours out of the single-serving packets. Smaller particles need a smaller scoop, therefore the old 14.7cc scoop has been replaced with the new 13cc scoop.

The ingredients have not changed and the formula is as potent and powerful as ever. The servings are carefully calculated to work with optimal efficacy in the average consumer. The weight of each unit is the same… but the new scoop and new particle sizes are just two more parts of ProArgi-9+ worth being excited about.

Note that the change in scoop and particle size was officially made in June and has been gradually implemented across the spectrum of flavors and container sizes until finally making its way into a container near you. Some of you may have been enjoying the new particle size for months now without ever noticing!

Synergy WorldWide Resources October 31 2014


Cardio Calls

Each month a member of Synergy’s Medical & Scientific Advisory Board shares their insights and details the science behind ProArgi-9+. Click here to learn more about Synergy’s Medical & Scientific Advisory Board.

Click to view Cardio Calls

Date Description Click to Listen
10/2014 Dr. Kenneth Richeaux, MD, Synergy WorldWide Play Audio
07/2014 Dr. William Keller, VP Health Sciences, Synergy/NSP Play Audio
06/2014 Dr. Matthew Tripp, Chief Scientific Officer, Synergy/NSP Play Audio
04/2014 LaMar Wiscombe, Director of Global Programs, Synergy Play Audio
03/2014 Dr. William Keller, VP Health Sciences, Synergy/NSP Play Audio
02/2014 Dr. Matthew Tripp, Chief Scientific Officer, Synergy/NSP Play Audio
01/2014 Lamar Wiscombe, Director of Global Product Programs Play Audio
12/2013 Lamar Wiscombe, Director of Global Product Programs Play Audio
11/2013 Dr. Joseph Prendergast, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
10/2013 Dr. Rainer Boger, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
06/2013 Dr. Joseph Prendergast, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
03/2013 Dr. William Keller, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
02/2013 Dr. Joseph Prendergast, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
01/2013 Dr. William Keller, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
12/2012 Dr. William Keller, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
10/2012 Dr. Joseph Prendergast, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
09/2012 Dr. Rainer Boger, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
08/2012 Dr. William Keller, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio

Corporate Update & Opportunity Calls

Get the latest updates from Synergy’s executive team as they share exciting news about Synergy WorldWide and the Synergy Advantage.

Click to view Corporate Update Calls

Date Description Click to Listen
10/15/2014 Corporate Update Call, Marty Holker, Drew Manning, Jake Rothfels Play Audio
09/17/2014 Corporate Update Call, Bart Woodcook, Dan Higginson, Stewart Rutter Play Audio
08/20/2014 Corporate Update Call, Stewart Rutter Play Audio
07/16/2014 Corporate Update Call, Dan Higginson, Jake Rothfels Play Audio
06/18/2014 Corporate Update Call, Howard Hannemann Play Audio
05/21/2014 Corporate Update Call, Dan Higginson, Marty Holker Play Audio
04/16/2014 Corporate Update Call, Dan Higginson, Di Leavitt, Mark Comer Play Audio
03/19/2014 Corporate Update Call, Dan Higginson & Howard Hannemann Play Audio
02/18/2014 Corporate Update Call, Special with Dan Higginson & Dan Norman Play Audio
01/15/2014 Corporate Update Call, Live from Legacy Retreat Play Audio
11/20/2013 Corporate Update Call, Howard Hanneman, Dan Higginson & more Play Audio
08/21/2013 Corporate Update Call, Howard Hanneman & Guests Play Audio
06/27/2013 Opportunity Call by Howard Hanneman Play Audio
06/19/2013 Featuring Lee Edwards, Roger Hunt, Mylo Berstad Play Audio
03/20/2013 Howard Hannemann Play Audio
1/16/2013 Synergy Executive Team Play Audio
12/19/2012 Howard Hannemann, Director of Sales Play Audio
10/17/2012 Howard Hannemann, Stewart Rutter Play Audio
09/25/2012 Summit 2012 Recap Call Play Audio
08/20/2012 Canada Update Call Play Audio
08/20/2012 Dan Norman, President Play Audio


In-depth trainings ranging from products and social media to business building and promotions.

Click to view Webinars

Date Description Click to View
10/02/2014 Fast Start Bonus Booster + Team Leader Business Booster, Hosted by Stewart Rutter. View Webinar
05/28/2014 Customer Rewards Program Intro. Hosted by Howard Hannemann, featuring Rudy Pedroza. Learn the details behind Synergy’s important new program. View Webinar
12/04/2013 ProArgi-9+: The Secret to Weight Loss. Hosted by Howard Hannemann, featuring Dan Hammer and Danielle Girdano. Learn more about ProArgi-9+’s ability to help you lose weight. View Webinar
11/06/2013 ProArgi-9+: Muscular Development and Endurance. Hosted by Howard Hannemann, featuring Dan Hammer and Danielle Girdano. Learn more about ProArgi-9+’s ability to enhance your physique and activity. View Webinar
09/05/2013 ProArgi-9+ and Exercise. Hosted by Howard Hannemann, featuring Dan Hammer and Danielle Girdano. Learn the science behind ProArgi-9+’s ability to enhance your physical activity. View Webinar
07/31/2013 2013 Chicago Sky Study. Hosted by Howard Hannemann, featuring Dan Hammer and Danielle Girdano. Learn what happened when ProArgi-9+ was used in a wellness program for the staff of the Chicago Sky WNBA team. View Webinar
06/20/2013 Dr. Stacey Bell explains the science behind the SLMsmart Weight Management System View Webinar
06/06/2013 Introducing SLMsmart. Learn how it amplifies your opportunities, your health, and the Synergy Advantage. View Webinar
01/16/2013 The Elite Track Training: Learn how to unlock thousands of extra earnings and bonuses in 2013. View Webinar
10/16/2012 Exploring the benefits of Mistica with Nutritional Research Scientist Tad Turgeon. View Webinar
06/13/2012 Heart Health Done Right: Exploring Vitamin D3, CoQ10 and Omega-3 with Nutritional Research Scientist Tad Turgeon. View Webinar
05/24/2012 Liquid Chlorophyll 201 with Pearl Executive Corrine Brandi View Webinar
05/01/2012 Liquid Chlorophyll 101 with Pearl Executive Corrine Brandi View Webinar
04/02/2012 Using Facebook for your Synergy Business with Senior Marking Manager Aaron McCain and Team Leader Jean LaVallie View Webinar

Videos, Presentations, and Other Downloads

Click to view downloads

Date Description Click to Download
05/2014 Customer Rewards Flyer (pdf) Download
05/2014 Customer Order Form (pdf) Download
03/2014 Synergy Product Catalog (pdf) Download
02/2014 Flyer: ProArgi-9+ in Physicians’ Desk Reference (pdf) Download
12/2013 ProArgi-9+: The Secret to Weight Loss (pdf) Download
11/2013 ProArgi-9+ Study: Muscular Development and Endurance (ppt) Download
10/2013 New ProArgi-9+ Study: Lactic Acid, Active and Exercise (pdf) Download
09/2013 How ProArgi-9+ Helped Danielle Girdano (pdf) Download
09/2013 ProArgi-9+ and Exercise Slides (pdf) Download
06/2013 2013 Chicago Sky Study (non-branded)(mp4) Download
06/2013 SLMsmart Webinar by Dr. Bell (wmv) Download
01/2012 Maximize Synergy Elite Track Webinar (wmv) Download
01/2012 Synergy Advantage Webinar (wmv) Download
01/2012 Bless Your Heart (mov) Download
01/2012 Synergy Advantage (mov) Download
01/2012 Synergy Compensation Plan Overview (mov) Download
01/2012 Compensation Plan Summary (pdf) Download
01/2012 Elite Track Training (pdf) Download
01/2012 ProArgi-9 Presentaiton Sheet (pdf) Download
01/2012 Synergy Advantage Presentation (pdf) Download
01/2012 Elite Track Training (ppt) Download
01/2012 Synergy Advantage Presentation (ppt) Download
01/2012 Synergy Quality Assurance Video (mov) Download

October 2014 Recognition Report

October Recognition Report

October 2014
Congratulations to the following Team Members throughout the United States and Canada. Thank you for your efforts, accomplishments and examples.

Rank Advancements

Team Leader
Daniel J. McNabb

Carol Sams
Tonya Curtis
Twin Hills Chiropractic

Legacy Management Partners, LLC
David Davidson
Diane Cohen-Burton

See the complete October 2014 Rank Advancement List>>>

Top Recruiters 
Top North American Team Members (in order) that personally sponsored the most new Team Members

Gwen Brown
David Johnston & Tommy Bethards
KC Michigan Group Inc.
Koua & Khu Yang
Buak Su Kwak
Dane Iorg
Legacy Management Partners, LLC
David Davidson

Top Team Builders
Team Members (in order) with the most personally sponsored rank advancements

David Johnston & Tommy Bethards
Miracle Heart Health
Kirsten Sunshine Smith
Gwen Brown
Legacy Network LLC