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RECAP: September 20-21 2013 Open House/Gold Camp

RECAP: Open House/Gold Camp

Two happy Open House attendees,
Rhonda and Mylo Berstad, who drove
all the way from Saskatchewan.

The September 2013 Open House/Gold Camp weekend was a tremendous success. Team Members from all around North America traveled to Utah Valley to visit our headquarters, tour our manufacturing facility, hear from the experts and learn how to better build their Synergy businesses.

On Friday, the weather was perfect and spirits were high. We were pleased to see Team Members and friends come in from the far northern regions of Canada and the southern most cities of Texas. They gathered with questions, curiosity, and a desire to find out what sets Synergy apart. Tours were given, and then as a special treat, Dan Higginson, Synergy’s Founder and CEO, spoke to the group about his road to create a better business model built on quality.

Following Dan Higginson’s presentation, Double Presidential Dianne Leavitt related her personal experience, sharing a heart-felt message to all the Open House attendees in hopes that they would realize the life-changing potential of Synergy WorldWide.

The evening concluded with remarks from Dr. Joseph Prendergast, the expert behind the ProArgi-9+ formula who endured several travel hiccups to arrive just in time. He shared his positive outlook on the future of global health as ProArgi-9+ floods the world markets. He focused on the key ingredients of the formula, especially Vitamin D3, l-citruline and l-arginine. After ending his portion of the meeting and closing out the Open House, attendees gathered around as Dr. Joe answered questions and shared his thoughts.

“The great thing about the Open House” said Director of Sales Howard Hannemann, who emceed the day’s events, “is that it gives everyone a chance to see that Synergy really is about true quality and being transparent. We’ve got a great company. We’re proud to show it off and get everyone involved, healthy and happy.”

The next day’s Gold Camp was dedicated to training Team Members on the earning-aspect of the company. Daren Baird trained on effective goal-setting and follow through, while Synergy Vice-President Stewart Rutter and Howard Hannemann led a series of trainings, role-plays and exercises.

“It’s always great to see people at Gold Camp,” said Rutter. “You can see the real desire people have to achieve results and leave a legacy. That’s what Gold Camp is all about.”

Synergy offers a sincere thank you to all the speakers and attendees that made this weekend successful. We encourage those who attended the events to continue to remember and reach your goals, and to take what you’ve learned and change the world with it!

To all who were unable to attend this month’s Open House and Gold Camp, Synergy will be hosting it all over again this coming November 15th and 16th, the last Open House weekend of the year. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for details!