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5 Reasons You Need the Outdoors

5 Reasons You Need the Outdoors

outdoors2Mountains, rivers, valleys, wildflowers, trees, lakes, wildlife—the outdoors are calling! It’s the perfect time of the year to get outside and enjoy the beauty around you. Did you know that simply spending time in nature is actually beneficial to your mental and physical health? Check out these remarkable benefits you will experience by getting out of your house and basking in the tranquility of the natural world.

1. Improved Memory and Concentration

Clearly, there’s something about fresh air and an open landscape that does the brain good. Here’s proof. In a study conducted by the University of Michigan, a group of students were issued a memory test and then split into two groups upon completing the test. Both groups went for a walk. One group went on a walk through the forest while the other group went through the city. Upon completing their walks, they took the memory test again. Those who walked through the forest scored higher on the test than those who didn’t.

Restored Energy

Researchers call the occasional brain fogs you experience “mental fatigue.” You know, the feeling you get when you completely forget your train of thought. Exposing your mind to natural environments can have a restorative effect on mental energy and focus. There have even been studies suggesting that experiencing natural beauty can elicit feelings of awe and can be a quick way to provide a mental boost. Bring a pack of Synergy’s e9 formula along with you for an extra boost of natural energy.

2. Relief from Daily Stress

Countless studies have been performed to prove that spending time in nature, even looking at scene of nature from a window, lowers levels of cortisol—the “stress hormone.” Many of these studies have noticed that in connection with stress reduction, spending time in the great outdoors cultivates a positive attitude and mindfulness. As naturalist John Burroughs stated, “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”

3. Boosted Immune System

A study conducted in Japan in 2010 asked a group of individuals to camp outside for three days and two nights. Researchers discovered that white blood cell activity increased resulting in white blood cell production. These types of cells kill illnesses, such as cold and flu viruses, and other common infections, so take your daily dose of Mistica and head outside!

4. Improved Mental Health

Globally, about 350 million people struggle with depression and one in the three people deal with anxiety. Scientists at Stanford University published a study in Proceeding of the National Academy of Science that shows those who walked in a natural setting opposed to an urban setting had decreased activity in the subgenual prefrontal cortex, a region of the brain that focuses repeatedly on negative emotions. Many medical professionals are now suggesting nature therapy as part of prescribed mental health regimens.

The benefits of spending time outdoors are overwhelming and life-altering, so put on your hiking shoes, go birdwatching, take a dip in a lake, or relax at a campground with family and friends. It doesn’t matter what activity you choose, just make sure to take advantage of the warm seasons and claim the natural benefits the outdoors has to offer.

Active Dad Special: Free Water Bottle + Product Discount

Active Dad Special: Free Water Bottle + Product Discount

ActiveDadPromo2016-blogThis month is the perfect time to get active in the summer sunshine. It’s also the month for dads! Don’t forget, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19! For any dad you may be celebrating, or any new activity you may be enjoying, Synergy has the perfect product pack at a special price to fuel you through all the action!

Now through June 30, save $15 when you buy an e9, ProArgi-9+ Active combo pack. Plus, while supplies last, a Synergy-branded sports bottle will be included with each special purchased!


e9pa9activee9 Energy with l-arginine

      • Long lasting, healthy energy through a unique, low calorie formulation.
      • Combines health benefits of l-arginine to support cardiovascular health.
      • Enhances mental and physical energy levels
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      • Stimulates the body’s natural ability to produce energy.
      • Great-tasting Tropical Burst flavor.


ProArgi-9+ Active

      • L-arginine helps increase nitric oxide production, which helps expand the arteries and enhance blood flow to vital organs.
      • Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant which protects the body from free radicals that can damage cell membranes during exercise.
      • Vitamin B12 supports the nervous system and helps create new blood cells.
      • Folic Acid is essential for DNA synthesis, DNA repair, and the production of healthy blood cells.
      • Vitamin B6 is necessary for the reaction that releases glucose from glycogen to produce energy.
      • D-ribose is a naturally occurring sugar used by the body to generate energy during exercise.