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Asia Summit this November 2014

Asia Summit this November

Synergy WorldWide will be hosting an exciting summit event for our Asian markets this November in the magnificent country of Thailand. Should any of our North American Team Members be traveling that way (or have contacts in the area), here is the basic info you’ll need to enjoy the event.

Venue: Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (Peach), Pattaya, Chonburi Thailand. For more venue information visit

Friday, November 21
2:00 9:00 pm Registration
3:00 5:00 pm Special science session with Dr. Matt Tripp
6:00 8:00 pm VIP Reception

Saturday, November 22
09:00 11:20 am Opening – Session 1
11:20 am 12:45 pm Lunch
1:00 4:30 pm Motivation – Session 2
4:30 5:45 pm Dinner
6:00 8:45 pm Recognition – Session 3

Sunday, November 23
09:00 am 12:40 pm Closing – Session 4

Synergy Europe Official Sponsor to World-Renowned Athletes

Synergy Europe Official Sponsor to World-Renowned Athletes

Synergy WorldWide is tapping into the world of athletics, sharing the performance benefits of our products with professional and recreational competitors alike. 

Bengt Emanuelsson, General Manager of Synergy Scandinavia, made an  exciting announcement at the 2014 European Summit: Synergy is now an official sponsor of the Swiss registered UCI Professional Continental and Tour de France 2014 team, IAM Cycling!

The team’s meal grab bags and vehicles are all branded with the Synergy V3 logo.

The IAM Cycling team is composed of 25 accomplished cyclists that are among the best in the world.

IAM Cycling cyclists felt the power of Synergy products from day one. They trust the products and take them before and while training at the gym, training on the road, in competition and even while recovering. These professional athletes make daily use of ProArgi-9+, Mistica and Liquid Chlorophyll (branded in Europe as the “V3 System”). Additionally, these cyclists have started to incorporate e9 and Health Shake into their regimen, as both products were launched in Europe less than one month ago!

“In stage races, ProArgi-9+ helps me maintain normal muscle function, and helps me fight tiredness and fatigue.” said Matthias Brändle, an IAM Cycling professional cyclist and Austrian Champion. “This is what makes a difference.”

All Synergy products are certified to be safe for athletes, meaning that Synergy products do not contain any substances on the World Anti Doping Agency’s (WADA) “prohibited list” and are considered safe and healthy additions to an athlete’s diet.

Synergy products are designed to help people of all ages and lifestyles, including athletes, perform at the highest levels. Synergy looks forward to sharing this message and creating more strategic partnerships with world-renowned athletes in the future.

One Day Added to Legacy Retreat 2015

One Day Added to Legacy Retreat 2015

In just a few months, qualified Team Members will be making their way to the enchanting and sophisticated city of Dubai!

The Legacy Retreat 2015 dates have been extended due to potential late arrivals, giving qualifiers one more day to enjoy the magnificent Atlantis Resort and surrounding attractions.

The newly scheduled dates are:

January 11-16, 2015

Click here for full details on how to qualify.

Drew & Lynn To Speak in Boise 2014

Drew & Lynn To Speak in Boise

The Western Regional Synergy Symposium officially kicks off tomorrow, October 23, and Drew & Lynn Manning of Fit2Fat2Fit will be there to share their incredible story.

The Mannings were warmly welcomed by a great Synergy crowd last week in Arizona. There they shared their passion for health, fitness and this company. The event was a tremendous success, and Synergy offers a sincere “thank you” to all who attended and made it so.
Now, Drew & Lynn have Boise in their sights. They will join several other speakers including Synergy’s top earner, Double Presidential Mark Comer. Presented by Team ID+, this is most definitely an event to be excited about.
If you have friends or family in Idaho or nearby, don’t let them miss this Symposium! Remember, the “Kick Off” happens tomorrow evening, then a morning meeting will be held on Friday before the big BYU vs. Boise State game. Saturday’s sessions will feature not only Drew & Lynn, but also an elite lineup of speakers including Darren Baird of Griffin Hill Consulting, William Black of RI Training, Synergy Team Elite Bill Styles and more. If you have any questions, call Team Leader Pamela Krajnik at 280-250-7154 or email
To register for the event, click here. NOTE: Online registration will close tonight, but attendees will be able to register at the door as well.

Long Term Security & Marketing Compliance

Long Term Security & Marketing Compliance

Dear Synergy Team Member,

At the end of September, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) sent letters to multiple direct sales companies regarding improper product claims made by their independent distributors, specifically on independent websites and through social media. These letters detailed specific examples of inappropriate marketing behavior, along with an overall directive to correct and prevent them immediately. The following link directs you to an article detailing the situation. We encourage each of you to review it and share it with your teams as soon as possible.

These warnings highlight an all-too-common practice that is unfortunately not restricted to these three marketers; the practice of using exaggerated, unsupported and sometimes unsafe claims to promote products.

We believe reviewing this will serve to increase your awareness of the rules and regulations surrounding the practice of sharing natural products. More importantly, we are confident that it will re-enforce the advantage of purchasing from and partnering with a time-honored and trusted company like Synergy WorldWide that emphasizes quality products and sales integrity.

For over 15 years, Synergy WorldWide and for over 40 years, Nature’s Sunshine Products, has led the way in product quality and efficacy and provided plentiful education. We strive to use the utmost substantiation and legal awareness in our advertising and actively guide and train our distributors to do the same. Advancing the cause of natural health fairly, responsibly, and conscientiously is a hallmark of doing business the Synergy way. The fact that we hold discretion in such high esteem is not a reflection of any lack confidence in our products and people. It is quite the opposite! Our notable longevity and solid reputation confirm our distributors’ passion and knowledge surrounding the impressive health results that our pure and potent natural solutions consistently provide.

However, as one of the world’s most trusted companies, we earnestly strive to honor that trust by staying within legal boundaries and away from statements that might mislead or give our customers unrealistic, unfounded or even unsafe expectations.

We applaud your already-stellar efforts in this regard and hope you take this opportunity to recommit and continue to conduct your business with the utmost attention to quality, service, and integrity. Should you have any questions about what claims are permissible, or our policies and procedures regarding claims, please click here to view our “Policies and Procedures” handbook. Additionally, you may contact Customer Service at (801) 769-7800 or email

Yours in health and prosperity,

Dan Norman
President, Synergy WorldWide

Rich Strulson
Executive Vice President/General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, NSP

Customer Service Hours Change Nov 1 2014

Customer Service Hours Change

Starting November 1, the Synergy Customer Service department for North America (US, Canada) will no longer open on Saturdays. Remember, you can place orders, change Autoship settings or complete enrollments online at anytime. Emails sent on Saturdays and Sundays to will be answered in the order by which they are received beginning the following Monday.

New North American Customer Service Schedule (Mountain Time):
Monday-Thursday: 8am-8pm
Friday: 8am-6pm
Saturday: Closed

Additionally, please be aware that on Wednesday, December 10, the department will close two hours early (6 pm MT) to allow agents to attend the company holiday party.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Synergy at (801) 769-7800.

Free Work Out Class with Lynn Manning Begins 21 Oct 2014

Free Work Out Class with Lynn

Join Lynn Manning of Fit2Fat2Fit as she leads a series of fitness classes held right here at Synergy WorldWide HQ! Whether you have a beginner, intermediate or advanced fitness level, you’ll love the workout Lynn has prepared for you.  Invite your friends, stay after to hear Lynn answer nutrition questions, and enjoy working out with this dynamic instructor.

Where: Synergy HQ, 1955 West Grove Parkway, Suite 100 Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning October 21.
Time: Tuesday Mornings 6:30 to 7:15 AM, Thursday Evenings 6 to 7 PM.
What to Bring: • 2 towels or 1 towel + a yoga mat • Water • Comfortable fitness clothing
Cost: Free!
Capacity: The first 30 people will be able to participate.

About Lynn Manning
“My husband, Drew Manning, started his amazing journey of Fit2Fat2Fit a few years ago. Through this journey, our websites and New York Times Bestseller (“Fit2Fat2Fit: The Unexpected Lessons from Gaining and Losing 75 lbs on Purpose”), we’ve been able to help thousands of people all around the world make a healthy lifestyle change.

As a women’s fitness specialist I’ve realized my approach is a bit different from the norm. My main focus is being a mother of two beautiful girls, business owner and wife… all while maintaining my healthy lifestyle. Also, did I mention I’m a foodie?! I’ve created programs for those of you who are NOT fitness nuts but still want to get fit, programs that will fit in  your schedule while you’re out conquering the world (like most of us ladies do on a daily basis)!”

Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit Superstars Join Synergy October 2014

Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit Superstars Join Synergy

Synergy WorldWide is excited to welcome this extraordinary couple as the newest representatives of the Synergy Advantage.

About Drew & Lynn

Most fitness trainers have a passion for nutrition. Drew Manning and his wife Lynn are no exception. But while most trainers work hard to maintain sculpted figures and top levels of fitness, Drew has become famous for taking a different approach. In fact, for six long months, Drew let himself become overweight and unhealthy, and the world took notice.

You may have heard of Drew’s bizarre experiment. He went from fit to fat simply by eating what has been called the “Standard American Diet.” Then, without the help of any extreme or faddish diets, he lost the weight and regained an enviable figure. All of this was well documented, first on Drew’s website and YouTube videos, then later on major media broadcasts including Dr. Oz, Good Morning America and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Today, Drew is the author of the New York Times’ Best Selling book “Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit” and has over 260,000 social media followers across the web. His wife, Lynn, who played a tremendous role in Drew’s journey, has gained tens-of-thousands of her own followers and shares her valuable perspective and advice with people daily. A worldwide female audience has especially fallen in love with Lynn’s side of the fit-2-fat story, an audience she is honored to address.

Drew & Lynn Join Synergy WorldWide

Several months ago, Drew and Lynn were introduced by a mutual friend to Synergy Founder Dan Higginson. Immediately, Dan was impressed by the pair and began sharing the story of his company.

“What Drew has done physically is obviously impressive,” said Dan, “but what really impressed me was the reason behind why he did what he did. This is a guy who wanted to better understand people so that he could better help people. And his wife Lynn is no different. They both are just great people with good hearts, and who better to represent Synergy than a couple like that.”

Ever since beginning his experiment, Drew has been consistently approached by numerous supplement and diet-program companies. With his reputation and values on the line, he was hesitant to partner with any of them. After being introduced to Synergy, Drew again hesitated. He took his time, carefully trying the products and studying their ingredients. He was given a tour of the product manufacturing facility in Spanish Fork, Utah, guided personally by Dan Higginson. He asked questions, he did his homework, and he came away impressed.

It wasn’t long until Drew started feeling the power of the Synergy products that he had been testing. He began bringing e9 and ProArgi-9+ (two servings of each) with him everywhere, mixed into his daily-consumed, gallon-sized jug of water. He noticed improved exercise performance and improved energy levels. He and Lynn started implementing SLMsmart Health Shake into their post-workout routines. They started a daily intake of Liquid Chlorophyll and have spent a week taking SLMsmart Body Cleanse. Together, Drew and Lynn have become a product of the products, convinced and happy to endorse the company and the complete product line.

Now, Synergy WorldWide is happy to announce the exciting partnership that has formed with Mr. and Mrs. Drew Manning, the Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit weight-management experts. We are excited to have them representing the Synergy mission to help others leave a legacy.

Those who came to last Friday’s Open House event were treated to a fascinating presentation by the Manning duo. They are set to speak this Thursday in Arizona (event details here) and later this month in Idaho (event details here). You’ll be able to hear from Drew on tomorrow night’s Corporate Update Call, and this is all just the beginning.

If you know of anyone hoping to transform their body and increase their health, Drew has proven that it is completely possible. We encourage you to share the Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit story and introduce them to the Synergy Advantage. Happily, Drew, Lynn, Dan Higginson and Synergy Team Members across the world have united to help people achieve their goals and find all the happiness a healthy life has to offer.

For more information about Drew and Lynn, visit Drew’s website here and check out this video below:

Corporate Update Call, Wednesday Oct. 15 2014

Corporate Update Call, Wednesday Oct. 15

Wednesday, October 15, 7 PM Mountain Time: 

On this month’s Corporate Update Call, listeners will hear from two very special guests: Pearl Executive Marty Holker, and Drew Manning, author of the New York Times Best Seller “Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit.” Join these two talented speakers, along with North American Marketing Manager Jake Rothfels, as they discuss the latest news from Synergy HQ. With new promotions having just launched and a variety of events on the horizon, there is much to be excited about.

To Join the Call:
Phone: 1-800-832-4695
Pin: 8908#
Time: 7 PM Mountain time

The Synergy Corporate Update Call takes place on the third Wednesday of each month and is a valuable way for Team Members throughout North America to stay connected with Synergy. On these calls, the latest announcements are made, news is discussed, and helpful thoughts and advice are shared by leaders in the field.

Hear how to maximize bonuses, take advantage of current promotions, and prepare your potential Team Members to utilize all aspects of the Synergy Advantage.

Invite your team, join the call, and learn the best ways to progress with Synergy WorldWide.

September 2014 Recognition Report

September 2014
Congratulations to the following Team Members throughout the United States and Canada. Thank you for your efforts, accomplishments and examples.

Rank Advancements

260 South LLC

Tommy Dunn
Nathan L. Fowers

Raymond Crane
Jared A. Chadburn
Amy Brooks
Kelley Jackson

See the complete September 2014 Rank Advancement List>>>

Top Recruiters 
Top North American Team Members (in order) that personally sponsored the most new Team Members

Lee & Crystal Edwards
Chris Chadburn
KC Michigan Group, Inc.
Mark Comer
Brent Burnett
Marty Holker
Levi Troyer
Lor Pace
Melissa Larsen

Top Team Builders
Team Members (in order) with the most personally sponsored rank advancements

Eric Glenn
Brent Burnett
Chris Chadburn
Bart Woodcook
Steve Johnson
Mark Comer
Vic Sevilla / Jerry Vergin
Dan Hammer
Daniel J. McNabb

Top 50 Challenge Monthly Winners
The top 10 point earners of the month

  1. Chris Chadburn
  2. Brent Burnett
  3. Lee & Crystal Edwards
  4. Mark Comer
  5. Lor Pace
  6. Daniel J. McNabb
  7. Carol Priem
  8. Steve Johnson
  9. Dr. Charina Holmes DC, Inc
  10. Margie Dean
Activity Bonus Earners
To see the list of Duplication and Activity Bonus earners for September, click here.