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PAB's Coming In Hot!

PAB’s Coming In Hot!
The new Activity Bonus Program is already producing some exciting success and reinforcing the right activities to grow your Synergy business. We would like to recognize a few more of the PAB achievers from this week.

Impact Health Marketing, our #1 achievers in last year’s Top 50 Challenge, continues to move business forward by sponsoring new Team Members and Customers. They actually sponsored two new Team Member’s at over 500 CV each, though only one was needed to earn the PAB. Now, Impact Health is working hard with these two new Team Members to help them earn their own PAB this month. This, of course, could earn Impact Health Marketing a Duplication Activity Bonus (DAB) for each of the two Team Members– potentially another $250 in extra bonus money. The best part, however, will be the increase in Basic Commission and the best part of the Synergy plan – the Mega Match!

Pamela Krajnik, another of 2013’s Top 10 point earners, a member of our North American Advisory Board, also earned her first PAB. She earned it by sponsoring one new TM at 300 CV and two new Customers at 100 and 170 CV. Pam has increased her confidence and skill level in the business at an amazing rate within the past year. She is doing daily personal development and understands how to INVITE others to take a look at Synergy’s products and opportunity. Congrats Pam! We are big fans of yours!

Fred Girbert, recently started his Synergy business and caught fire in the Top 50 Challenge as well, earning a spot in Cancun after plenty of hard work. Now, Fred has earned his first PAB. He sponsored one new TM at 300 CV and two new customers, one at 200 and the other at 100 CV. He made this happen in a few different ways: The one TM and one customer were introduced to Fred at a local health fair. Fred was meeting a lot of people that day and simply sharing the information about good health. Some people purchased product directly from him, but these two wanted to purchase directly from the company! So Fred made it happen. He plans to meet with the brand new TM next week to get him going Synergy. As for the second of the two customers, he came as a referral from another customer. This goes to show that taking care of your customers, ensuring they have a good experience, will lead to happy people willing to share that experience with others.

Congrats to this first handful of PAB earners! We commend you for catching the vision of the Activity Bonus Program. Now, as you work toward your first DAB’s, we wish you the best of success.

The Smart Switch Challenge

The Smart Switch Challenge

Take the Smart Switch Challenge and discover the power of the SLMsmart Health Shake. Switching your breakfast to Health Shake will deliver a variety of benefits. Switch both breakfast AND lunch to Health Shake for maximized weight loss. Click here for challenge form
It’s that simple.


  • Win Prizes. A few challenge participants will be recognized at our 2014 Business Builder Conference. On top of that, we have some surprises up our sleeves, and they are prizes worth getting excited about.
  • Discover Health Shake. A convenient, delicious, instant meal packed with nutrition.
  • Lose Weight. Replacing up to 2 meals each day with Health Shake will stimulate fat burn and transform your figure.*
  • Gain Power. Health Shake contains 26g of top-quality, time-released protein.
  • Healthy Energy. Health Shake is the optimal formula for efficient satiety and energy.


  • Switch your breakfast to Health Shake. If you normally skip breakfast, drink the convenient shake instead!
  • Want a more dramatic transformation? Have a Health Shake for lunch too.
  • Submit an easy, online form. It’s a quick set of basic questions that let us know you’re in!
  • Enjoy the benefits!

SMART SWITCH SPECIAL: Buy 5 Health Shakes, Get 1 FREE! Click here to purchase.


  • The Health Shake is a Meal Replacement. That means you should not have a shake along with other foods at any given mealtime, you should have it instead of breakfast and/or lunch.
  • For best results, avoid snacking on anything besides raw vegetables.
  • Enjoy a healthy dinner every night!
  • For best results, stay far away from non-essential foods like these throughout the day:
    • Salty snacks (chips, french fries, crackers, etc.)
    • Sugary sweets (candy, desserts, cakes, doughnuts, etc.)
    • Soda and Sports Drinks
    • Juices
    • Starches and breads
  • Drink plenty of water in between meals.
  • Many say that Health Shake is tastiest when mixed with milk. The extra calories from milk may also increase satiety. But feel free to mix it with water, almond milk, or whatever is most convenient! You decide what’s best!
  • Want to try a new flavor? Mix in a small handful of your favorite raw fruits. Berries are a great choice!
  • It never hurts to exercise. Big results can be achieved simply from 30 minutes a day, five days a week.


Dan Higginson, Founder of Synergy WorldWide, has made a friendly wager with Synergy President Dan Norman. As of February 1, both Dans weighed within 4 pounds of each other (right around 250 pounds). Now, doing nothing more than switching breakfast and/or lunch meals to Health Shake, each Dan will strive to lose more weight than the other. The Dan who remains most committed to smart-switching each day is sure to come out on top. The final weigh-in will take place at the 2014 Business Builder Conference.

HEALTH SHAKE INFOTake the guesswork out of eating right and achieve your ideal weight with Synergy SLMsmart Health Shake. This delicious, instant meal replacement offers more benefit per sip with nutrient-rich, smart calories. The Health Shake fuels your body to keep it running at high efficiency for up to four hours.

The Health Shake also provides 26 grams of high-quality protein from three different sources (whey, casein and soy). This formula provides time-released blasts of protein for your muscles and metabolism to benefit from throughout the day. Additionally, Health Shake contains a balanced array of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats to keep you energized.

For nutrition facts and more information about Health Shake, click here.

* Results will vary. Replacing up to two meals each day with Health Shakes when combined with healthy eating and moderate exercise is the best way to experience maximum benefits.

Personal Activity Bonus Earner: Carol Priem

Personal Activity Bonus Earner: Carol Priem

Carol stands with Synergy Founder Dan Higginson
and her sponsor Carl Schuelke

We would like to congratulate our first earner of the Personal Activity Bonus, part one of our new Activity Bonus Program: Carol Priem of Mesa Arizona!

Carol sponsored a new Team Member at 300 CV and two new customers at 170 CV, each with a jumbo-size canister of ProArgi-9+. She has been a Synergy Team Member for a few years and has a great upline that includes both Carl Schuelke and Gerri Bingham.

According to Carol, achieving this PAB was the result of simple, consistent efforts. Along with Carl Schuelke, Carol attends a “jam session” each week where she both plays and listens to live music. At a recent jam session, Carol and Carl passed a ProArgi-9+ brochure along to friends Melvin & Pat Enger. The Engers read over the potential health benefits of the product then began asking questions about the business opportunity. After a few simple answers from Carol and Carl, the Engers decided to join Synergy WorldWide. Today they are excited and working to earn their own PAB, with Carol and Carl helping along the way.

As for Carol’s two new customers, the experience was quite similar. A brochure that Carol had displayed at the local country store caught the eye of Laverne. Curious, Laverne decided to investigate ProArgi-9+, hoping it could help to ease some health difficulties she had been enduring. Laverne reached out to Carol, signed up as a customer and purchased her first jumbo of ProArgi-9+!

The second new customer had been an acquaintance of both Carol and Carl for a long time. This acquaintance, Norm, had done little more than once asking his doctor about ProArgi-9+. The uninformed doctor had replied that ProArgi-9+ was probably nothing more than “candy.” Thankfully, Norm decided to try the so-called “candy” and put ProArgi-9+ to the test. After all, nothing else seemed to be working. He purchased a jumbo to get started and is reportedly feeling better already, looking forward to his next doctor’s appointment.

“This business is simple,” says Synergy Director of Sales Howard Hannemann. “It simply requires effort and the occasional step out of our comfort zone. We encourage you to follow Carol and Carl’s example and gain your own experiences. Become a product of the product, and this will give you the confidence to share it with others. We have a variety of tools and resources available for you to use, and remember to always reach out to your sponsors and upline! They want you to succeed! The Synergy culture of teamwork and helping others is very strong. When you put others first and reach out to meet their needs, your business will flourish!”

Good News for Carol: As an extra reward for being the first to achieve a PAB, we are surprising Carol with the TriAction Skin Care System (we found out she’s a big fan!). Congratulations to Carol! Keep up the good work!

For more information about Personal Activity Bonuses and our Activity Bonus Program, click here.

VIDEO: Monday’s Activity Bonus Program Webinar

VIDEO: Monday’s Activity Bonus Program Webinar

Did you miss last Monday’s live Webinar featuring Dan Higginson, Rudy Pedroza, Stewart Rutter, Bill Styles and Howard Hannemann? If so, click play on the video above and see what you missed. For those who did see it, feel free to watch it again and learn more about the Activity Bonus Program.

Additional Resources

Click on the “Resources” tab at the top of your screen to access the complete collection of Activity Bonus Program tools, including PowerPoint presentation slides, Claim Forms, Flyers, videos and more.

VIDEO: Monday's Activity Bonus Program Webinar

VIDEO: Monday’s Activity Bonus Program Webinar

Did you miss last Monday’s live Webinar featuring Dan Higginson, Rudy Pedroza, Stewart Rutter, Bill Styles and Howard Hannemann? If so, click play on the video above and see what you missed. For those who did see it, feel free to watch it again and learn more about the Activity Bonus Program.

Additional Resources

Click on the “Resources” tab at the top of your screen to access the complete collection of Activity Bonus Program tools, including PowerPoint presentation slides, Claim Forms, Flyers, videos and more.

February 2014 Cardio Call

Feb Cardio Call w/ Dr. Matthew Tripp

On Wednesday, February 12, Dr. Matthew Tripp, Chief Scientific Officer of Synergy/NSP, will join us for the first time ever as our Cardio Call featured expert!

Cardio Call with Dr. Matthew Tripp
CSO, Synergy WorldWide/Nature’s Sunshine
When: Wednesday, February 12, 2014.
Time: 7:00 PM Mountain Time
(6 PM PT, 8 PM CT,  9 PM ET).

To Join the Call, Dial:
Phone: 1-800-832-4695
Pin: 8908#

The Synergy Cardio Calls take place on the second Wednesday of each month. They are an excellent way to become educated by experts on the power of ProArgi-9+, Synergy’s flagship supplement. Mark your calendars and don’t miss this opportunity for you and your team to learn how this product is enhancing health all over the world.

About the Expert
Dr. Matthew Tripp received a Ph.D. from Washington State University in Physiology/Microbial Genetics/Microbiology; an M.A. in Microbial Physiology/Bacterial Genetics and a B.S. in Biology both from Western Michigan University. He completed extensive post-doctoral research at the University of California – San Diego where he discovered novel protein phosphorylation cascades involved in nutrient signaling (nutrigenomics) – processes that when disrupted by poor diet, lead to metabolic disease and chronic illness.

His career includes leadership roles and R&D responsibilities at the Kellogg Company, the Miller Brewing Company and Metagenics. He served as the Vice President of Research and Development at Metagenics, a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality dietary supplements and medical foods sold through health care practitioners in the U.S. and pharmacies abroad. He also concurrently served as Senior Vice President, Research and Development, at KinDex Therapeutics, a biotechnology company.

At Metagenics, Dr. Tripp had direct responsibility for managing the discovery, development, safety, and clinical validation of medical foods and nutraceuticals. Significantly, he led the creation of a substantial body of proprietary intellectual property, resulting in over 100 patents and patent applications.

Now, at Nature’s Sunshine Products, the parent company of Synergy WorldWide, Dr. Tripp serves as the Chief Scientific Officer. His responsibilities include working to oversee the company’s product research and development operations. Furthermore, he plays a critical role in clearly defining, developing and communicating the Company’s science strategy and vision to achieve higher organic growth and profitability through innovation.

Mesa AZ Event Thurs. Feburary 6 2014

Stewart Rutter, Vice-President of Synergy WorldWide, is headed to Mesa, Arizona this Thursday to meet with Team Members and their guests. Mr. Rutter is preparing to teach, train and share the Synergy Advantage like only he can. If you are planning to be in the area, be sure to mark this on your calendar and join us for a powerful event!

When: Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014
Time: Opportunity 7 – 7:45 p.m. Training 8 – 8:30
Where: Holiday Inn Mesa, Arizona 1600 S. Country Club Drive (just South of the 60)
Cost: $5 Team Members, Guests FREE.

For more info, contact Team Member/Event Host Gerri Bingham at 480-969-2110.

Feb. Health Shake Product Special


Order 5 SLMsmart Health Shakes, and get your sixth FREE.

Switch your typical breakfast to Health Shake and enjoy the benefits.
Switch your breakfast AND lunch to Health Shake, maximize weight loss and feel fantastic.
It’s that simple.


Exciting Challenge Details— Those who switch their regular breakfast and lunch to the SLMsmart Health Shake are going to see a difference. In fact, there are some people right here at Synergy HQ ready to transform, and they want YOU involved. The Smart Switch Challenge is coming, and Health Shake can be your secret weapon.