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Trulūm, the premium skin care line from Synergy,  is now available for purchase in the US! Shop the full line and discover your true luminance today.


Trulūm features the ingredients and science that helps the skin to not only look younger, but to act younger at the cellular level. The line consists of seven botanical-rich products scientifically formulated to address the skin microbiome through valuable and quality ingredients.

Read the complete Trulūm Guide for the product science, individual product details, and application instructions.

Have you wondered if Trulūm contains allergens? Do you have to use all of the Trulūm products? How long are the products intended to last? Look through our Frequently Asked Questions that we’ve compiled to find out. The more you know about the Trulūm skin care line, the easier it is to share it with others.

For more information about the individual Trulūm products, check out the fact sheets below:
Cleansing Gel
Hydrating Toner
Brightening Serum
Youth Serum
Eye Cream
Intrinsic Complex




This evening, at 7 pm MT, Synergy North America will officially launch TRULŪM, the new premium skincare line working to purify, fortify and protect skin around the world.

Those who can’t attend the launch event at Synergy HQ may still participate in the fun from the comfort of their own home.

Tune in to Facebook on November 16 at 7 pm MT. Synergy will be broadcasting the Trulūm launchvia Facebook Live. You can find the broadcast at or click here Thursday night!

NOTE: The Weekly Opportunity Call regularly scheduled for Thursday nights will not take place. Instead we invite you to tune in to the Trulūm launch via Facebook live. Additionally, next Thursday’s Opportunity Call will also be postponed as we celebrate Thanksgiving that day.

Those in Utah are invited to join us at Synergy HQ in Pleasant Grove, Utah at 7 pm (MT) tonight  (Thursday, November 16). This launch will feature Trulūm samples, giveaways, a scientific overview of the complete Trulūm line, and more.

For more information click here.

North America’s New Director of Sales

North America’s New Director of Sales

Synergy WorldWide is pleased to introduce Debra Durfey as Director of Sales for North America. With her extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience, Deb will be tremendous asset to these markets in her new role.

Beginning her career with Synergy WorldWide nearly 17 years ago, Debra has helped Synergy grow by working closely with customers, Team Members, and leaders. She has played a key role in many Synergy events and product launches, and most notably excelled in her duties as manager over the Customer Service departments for North America and Europe. Few in the company understand customer behavior and distributor practices as well as Debra Durfey. She is dedicated to the growth of the company and to helping people achieve success.

“Truly, what I love about Synergy is the people,” Deb said. “I love the people I work with, the people I work for, and the company’s energy. There is this excitement that comes with supporting others in growing and improving.”

Deb’s Synergy story started years ago in our manufacturing facility, where she took a job in our shipping department and experienced firsthand the care that goes into our product offering. In 2003, she transitioned to working exclusively in the Synergy corporate offices, and the company is better because of it. Team Members, customers, and her fellow Synergy employees love her for contagious energy and enthusiasm.

Deb has helped countless people discover Synergy and grow within the company since she began working as a North America Customer Service agent in 2003. Just four months after taking an agent position, she was promoted to a new role as a supervisor. In 2008, she was asked to manage the corporate Synergy Store as well as Customer Service operations for North America and Europe.

Before assuming the Director of Sales position, Deb was Senior Manager of Customer Service and was behind the scenes making sure Team Member orders and shipments were efficiently taken care of, and that questions were answered and problems were solved.

She looks forward to having more opportunities to work with Team Members face to face, learning how to best encourage and support them. We are incredibly lucky to have a talent like Deb on our team!



Synergy Customer Service will be closed Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Normal business hours will resume on Monday, November 27.

If you have any business that needs to be taken care of with Customer Service, please call earlier in the week. We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs before and after the holiday.

Thank you for your cooperation and Happy Thanksgiving from Synergy headquarters!



This Thursday evening will be a significant milestone for Synergy North America. TRULŪM, Synergy’s premium skincare line, will officially launch from Synergy HQ at our special event, and you are invited!

Join us at Synergy HQ in Pleasant Grove, Utah at 7 pm (MT) on Thursday, November 16. This launch will feature Trulūm samples, giveaways, a scientific overview of the complete Trulūm line, and more.

Please register today to join us— your registration and attendance will enter you into a drawing for a free, complete Trulūm set!


As travel and timing may make it difficult for some to join the Trulūm launch at Synergy HQ, don’t worry! You can still participate in the fun from the comfort of your own home.

Tune in on Facebook on November 16 at 7 pm MT. Synergy will be broadcasting the Trulūm launch via Facebook Live. You can find the broadcast at or click here Thursday night!

The Trulūm skin care regimen consists of potent, scientifically founded formulas that holistically address all three layers of the skin. By individually targeting the needs of each layer of the skin, Trulūm promotes healthy skin function and produces a more youthful, healthy glow to reveal your true luminance.

Featuring Intrinsic Youth Technology, the Trulūm skincare line combats the visible signs of aging at a foundational level to promote a more vibrant, youthful look. Comprised of natural plan extracts, enzymes, and probiotic technology, Trulūm works to protect your skin while supporting its ability to look and act healthier.

To learn more about the Trulūm line, join us on November 16, and check out the resources below:

The Trulūm skin care line is backed by science and powered by top quality ingredients. It is carefully formulated using natural enzymes and botanical ingredients to produce gentle yet penetrating effects, bringing out the best in your skin. Purify, Fortify and Protect your skin by utilizing the powerful technology found in each of the Trulūm products.

The Trulūm formulas are the perfect marriage between science and nature, giving your skin the most effective ingredient combinations to combat the signs of aging and reveal a more youthful you.

Remember, Trulūm will officially launch at the event on November 16, and will be available for purchase online the following day (Friday, November 17). Don’t miss this exciting step into the future of Synergy WorldWide!


Synergy Office Holiday Closure November 23-24

Synergy Office Holiday Closure November 23-24

Synergy Customer Service will be closed Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24 for Thanksgiving. Normal business hours will resume on Monday, November 27.

If you have any business that needs to be taken care of with Customer Service, please call earlier in the week. We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs before and after the holiday.Thank you for your cooperation and Happy Thanksgiving from Synergy headquarters!

New Emerald Executive: Stewart Rutter

New Emerald Executive: Stewart Rutter

In his climb to Emerald Executive, Stewart Rutter has found excitement in building a lasting business, a business that runs on integrity, attracts exemplary people, and sells cutting-edge products.

Formerly, Stewart was an influential leader in Synergy’s corporate office overseeing sales in North America and Europe. He traded his corporate title for the opportunity to build his own business through a company he both loves and respects.

“I love the prospect of building my own future and controlling both my time and financial freedom,” Stewart said. “I am privileged to work with great people from countries around the world and create true residual income for years to come.”

Stewart specifically mentioned Synergy Malaysia leaders Alex Boh and Leong Chee Kwong as two of the many talented individuals he has had the pleasure of working with. Additionally, Stewart noted that Synergy Founder Dan Higginson, President Dan Norman, and his sponsor Triple Presidential Executive Mark Comer have all been major influences in his success. These leaders consider Stewart to be both a great friend and brilliant businessman.

“Stew is really someone who loves Synergy, the products, and mission, and he saw what a great opportunity it was while working at corporate that he moved to the field,” Mark said. “I’m not surprised at his success because he excels at everything he does. He is a great leader and example of what hard work and passion can do for a Synergy business.”

Mark is appreciated by Stewart as an effective sponsor, because he is a mentor that cares about the wellbeing of the entire team. He continually finds active ways to pursue his team’s goals.

Discovering the power of positivity and proactive service has made all the difference in helping Stewart move his business forward and help others do the same.

“It’s one thing to say ‘Hey, call if you need anything,’” Stewart said, “but it’s another thing to check in with them regularly. The first attempt at support will not make your business partner feel special or supported. My aim is to be proactive rather than reactive.”

While Stewart has found most of his business success with ProArgi-9+, he is excited about the overarching Elite Health message, the Purify Kit and its supporting business strategy, and Trulūm, Synergy’s new premium skin care line.

“Stew is, first and foremost, a great friend, a great business partner, both on the corporate side and now as a distributor,” Dan Higginson said. “I just love him and his family and look forward to seeing his continued success.”

Trulūm Takes Off Around the World

Trulūm Takes Off Around the World

Making its third debut worldwide, Trulūm is set to wow customers in North America, beginning November 16, with visibly younger, healthier skin. How do we know this? We’ve seen it.

Launched first at the Asia Summit in November 2016, Trulūm has been making its impact in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and a handful of other countries. Customers there took to social media to share photos and stories of brighter, plumper, more-even skin tone after using Trulūm for a few short weeks. More than 25,000 Trulūm products were sold in November and December alone!

Then, a little over one month ago, Trulūm officially launched throughout Synergy’s European markets. Excited Team Members attended Europe Summit 2017 in Barcelona to learn all about the first Synergy skin care line to ever be introduced in their markets.

Before the launch event, a group of Europeans were asked to put Trulūm to the test. They used it, assessed it, and proved that Trulūm is the real deal. They took the stage in Barcelona and shared their personal experiences in a special Summit panel. These Trulūm testers are now enthusiastic European Trulūm spokespeople! (Click here to see a few of their reviews). Subsequently, there have been nearly 12,000 Trulūm products sold in Europe, and the excitement continues.

Trulūm has attracted an entirely new demographic to Synergy WorldWide! With the launch of Trulūm in North America, you too will have new doors open to business growth as you focus on building with Trulūm.

Try Trulūm for yourself and discover a more versatile product offering and a more youthful-looking you. You are invited to our launch event! Join us at Synergy HQ, or watch the Facebook Live broadcast. Click here for details.

Webinar Next Wednesday: A Closer Look at the New Site

Webinar Next Wednesday: A Closer Look at the New Site

Join us on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15 at 12:00 (MST) for the next installment of the New Synergy Site webinar series. Make this a priority as you continue to explore all the new benefits and highlighted features of the brand new Synergy Website!


Hosted by Synergy’s Sr. Marketing Communications Manager Jake Rothfels, and Marketing Communications Specialist Taylor Barton, this webinar will be a deeper dive into what the new site has to offer. In this webinar you’ll get details about:

  • The Replicated Synergy Site: Your very own Synergy interface. This can be a vital asset in helping you share Synergy with others.
  • Enrollment: The quick, streamlined enrollment process will no doubt become a frequently used tool for our Team Members.
  • Purchasing: With the Synergy shopping site integrated into the new website, navigating the Synergy product portfolio and making purchases has never been so simple.

All this and more to be discussed on November 15. Mark your calendar and register today!


Webinar ID: 642-559-491
Date: Wednesday, November 15
Time: 12:00 pm MST

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming webinars and be sure to subscribe today in order to stay up-to-date on all things Synergy!

October 2017 Elite Honors qualifiers

October 2017 Elite Honors qualifiers

The 2017 Elite Honors program maximizes each Team Member’s earning potential by streamlining the way organizations do business with Synergy WorldWide. Plus, through the Go Elite promotion, Team Members following the program can earn extra rewards by doing what they have always done—build a successful business.

Elite 2400

Dan Hammer
Eva Miller
Cliff & Janice Rosang
Anna Bergman
Dr. David Sim
John Paystrup
Michael Jacobson
Bonnie Tompkins
Sandra Kerner
Dr. Dennis Meador
Scott Rosang
Dr. Joshua Purcell
Andrew Jang

Elite 1200

Dane Iorg
Dianne & Lorin Leavitt
Richard Matwyshen
Linda Hansen
Doreen Sayler
Kerry Heitkotter
Mary Blakley
Dawna Bruce
David Munoz
Dr. Tim  Harrigan
Michelle Morrison
D. Michael Quigg
Betsy Munoz
Dr. Charina Holmes
Arnold Brod
lise Quigg
Dr. Steve Amodeo
Eva de Santiago
Dr. Brian Prax
Shannon Bone
Cliffton Salter
Wendy Twohey
Christopher Richards
Dr. Josh Nelson
Kayla Restko
Dr. Jay Rohleder

Elite 600

Paul Blad & Rudy Pedroza
DNC Marketing
Bart Woodcook
David Davidson
Nell Lewis
April Pinger
Ron Steinkirchner
Ellen Galyan
Nicole Mcnamara
Dr. Brian Workman
Charlene Burnett
Dawn Norton
Jason Andersen
Robert Smith
Brent Burnett
Joel Estrellado
Robert Wischmeier
Roger Hunt
Anne Hula
Nathan Yoder
Joe Goff
David Hawthorne
Wanda Anzai
Betsy Bartlett
Joy Matwyshen
David Swartzentruber
Curtis Crough
John Pinell
Rosi T. Moosman
Belva Snow
Daniel Driedger
Twila F. Hostetler
R. L.  Luekenga
Christine A. Houston
Westlake Body Contouring Llc.
Dr. Jason
Dr. Corey  Gray
Dr. Patrick Mccuaig
Willa F. Holgate
Stacey Sams
Dr. Jason Hesselberg
Sarah Harms
Judith Allen
Alejandro Medin
Dr. Philip Strevey
Janie Vincent
Marlin Martin
Judy Feldhausen
Amy Hertz
Catherine Thoma
Leila Zackrison
Matt Noto
Tommy Dunn
Margie Dean
Dr. Eleazar Kadile
Jennifer Lewis
Ernest Yoder
George Bellack
David Yoder
Lara Drulle
K Roger Carter
Nathan Fowers
Jared Chadburn
Patricia Fowers
Peggy Freeman
Michelle Fuller
Mocha Butkovich
Marion Sczesny
Julie Russon
Leopoldo Limon
Tiffany Burnett
Carole Burnett
Robert Grant
Terrance Cardon
Victor Borkacki
Dr. Lawrence
Angela Palmer
Lori Burnett
Dr. Phil Andrus
Dawnetta Andrus
Dr. Timothy Bortz
Peter Randolph Elcock
Nina Burnett
Wandie Drake
Alejandro Zurita
Debbie  Miller
O’Neil Cattnell
Heather Drake
Armondo Dubon
Oliver Sczesny
Lisa Peachey
Tia Barela
Jeff Scott
Amanda Flores
Shantelle Dawson
Ami Suganuma
Kurt Johnson
Donna Goff
Prescious When
Daniel Culton
Katherine Culton
Terry Coulton
Dr. Kurt Simons
Winston Bell
Derek Robinson
Dr. Tad Tenney
Veta Williams
Jonathan Cabading
Ray Kamm
Dr. Lystra Richardson
Renelle Roberts
Marcia Rogers
Fabian Clarke
Rosemary Linton
Lindsey Henderson
Justin Henderson
Stephen Kitchen
Ashley Kitchen
David Kitchen
Madison Johnston
Dan Spirgen
Adrienne Spirgen
Carma Johnston
Brent Hunsaker
Brinley Mcallister
Savannah Kitchen
Samantha Kitchen
Quint Chipman
Brady Watkins
Guy Trowbridge
Joe Reed
Ambrosio Andres Gallegos
John Grimes
Mary Gonzales
Wilma Mitchell
Sally Reyes Flores
Ernest Dupree
Dorothy Smith
Huey Smith
Delanna Price
Gloria Price
Cynthia Johnson
Charles Ivory
Windy Hanchey
Vilma Ortega
David Filewood
Patricia Hinn
Yuman Black
Barbara Brown
Reginald Howell
Faye Callender
Sherry Ann Springer
Jeffrey Hall

Congratulations to all of our Elite Honors qualifiers! Your dedication to building a successful Synergy business is inspiring. We would like to thank you for your wonderful work ethic and belief, as well as the examples you are to all those looking to Leave a Legacy of their own.