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3 Days Left! Have You Registered for the Business Builder Conference??

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

3 Days Left! Have You Registered?

The 2014 Business Builder Conference is approaching quickly! One week from this Friday, North America’s biggest Synergy event will officially kickoff. If you have not yet registered for this important event, click here to register today!

Remember, online registration closes at midnight this Friday, May 2nd!

Special Announcement:

Synergy WorldWide has planned something very special for the Conference Recognition Evening on Friday, May 9. Along with a special dinner and recognition program to honor North America’s Team Members, we have booked the Dueling Piano performers for your entertainment pleasure! These talented characters have wowed audiences around the country, and now they’re prepared to put a smile on your face. Be ready to make requests, sing along and laugh with your Synergy friends and Team Members. The Recognition Evening starts at 6 pm. We’re very excited and hope you are too— don’t miss it!

On-Site Registration:
There will be a limited number of seats available for those who wait to register on-site. However, the price of on-site registration increases to $69 per person. We cannot guarantee admission to those who did not register online, so act now, save your seat and save some cash!

Also, please note that if you have not registered online, you will not be eligible for recognition at the event’s Recognition Evening.

For more information about the event, click here. To go straight to our registration page, click here.

Starting Tomorrow

Starting Tomorrow

Tomorrow is May 1, 2014– and it’s a big day for Synergy North America. Not only is it the beginning of Business Builder Conference month… not only is it a clean slate for Top 50 Challengers to win monthly prizes… it’s also a month where important changes go into effect for the benefit of customers across this great market.

New Pricing Structure
The simplified pricing structure that was announced on April 1 of this year will become effective starting tomorrow, May 1st. Within this new structure, Team Members and customers will find greater savings on our flagship product, ProArgi-9+, as greater quantities are purchased. We are happy to report that many Team Members have already begun to realize the benefits of this new structure and have been sharing the news with customers and contacts with positive results.

Click here to view the updated US price list.
Click here to view the updated US price list for bulk orders.

We’ve Heard You: ProArgi-9+ Jumbos

Many Team Members have requested the ability to continue ordering Jumbo canisters without the accompanying box of Single Serve Packets. Jumbo canisters can be ordered by themselves, priced according to the new structure at $235/170CV for the canister*.

Grandfathered Autoship Options
Jumbo Canister Orders: Team Members and preferred customers who have an active Autoship template containing Jumbo canisters of ProArgi-9+ will be able to continue paying the current price of $225* through August 31, 2014. At the end of these four months, the price will change following the simplified pricing structure that becomes effective tomorrow.

Autoship 100 Packs: The Autoship 100 Promotion Packs will expire today, April 30th. However, as announced on the first of this month, those who have active Autoship templates containing one of these Autoship 100 Promotion Packs as of April 30th will automatically be grandfathered in through August 2014.

Orders of 48 Packs
Beginning tomorrow, May 1, anyone who orders a bulk pack containing 48 canisters of ProArgi-9+ must adhere to the policy designed to protect Synergy Team Members and customers around the world. This policy includes an agreement form that must be signed before the purchase is made. Details can be found on the agreement form.

Note that this policy has been put in place as part of Synergy WorldWide’s ongoing effort to combat the sale of Synergy products on online auction sites such as Amazon and eBay. We remind you that section 11.14 of our official Policies and Procedures manual states that “Team Members may not sell Synergy products on eBay, Amazon, or any other Internet auction/shopping site.” Failure to adhere to this policy may result in termination from the company.

Note: The prices above are applicable to Citrus Berry and Mixed Berry flavors only. ProArgi-9+ Grape is priced slightly higher due to the increased cost of raw materials for this flavor offerings. Click here to see price list >>

BBC to Offer Preview of Remarkable R&D Investment

BBC to Offer Preview of Remarkable R&D Investment

Dr. Matthew Tripp, the Chief Scientific Officer of Synergy WorldWide/NSP, will be one of the featured speakers at this year’s Business Builder Conference. This conference, which is set to take place less than one month from now, will truly be a milestone event for our company as we are now in the first stages of building and developing state-of-the-art clinics and labs in which to conduct our own trials and research. Come hear more about this monumental investment directly from Dr. Tripp, and experience all the training, excitement, food, fun and power that North America’s biggest event has to offer.



Resources April 2014



Activity Bonus Program

Forms, flyers, videos and more to help you earn two monthly cash bonuses for establishing a strong foundation of residual income. This 2014 program is designed to reward you for the best business building practices.

Click to view Resources


Cardio Calls

Each month a member of Synergy’s Medical & Scientific Advisory Board shares their insights and details the science behind ProArgi-9+. Click here to learn more about Synergy’s Medical & Scientific Advisory Board.

Click to view Cardio Calls

Date Description Click to Listen
04/2014 LaMar Wiscombe, Director of Global Programs, Synergy Play Audio
03/2014 Dr. William Keller, VP Health Sciences, Synergy/NSP Play Audio
02/2014 Dr. Matthew Tripp, Chief Scientific Officer, Synergy/NSP Play Audio
01/2014 Lamar Wiscombe, Director of Global Product Programs Play Audio
12/2013 Lamar Wiscombe, Director of Global Product Programs Play Audio
11/2013 Dr. Joseph Prendergast, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
10/2013 Dr. Rainer Boger, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
06/2013 Dr. Joseph Prendergast, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
03/2013 Dr. William Keller, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
02/2013 Dr. Joseph Prendergast, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
01/2013 Dr. William Keller, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
12/2012 Dr. William Keller, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
10/2012 Dr. Joseph Prendergast, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
09/2012 Dr. Rainer Boger, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio
08/2012 Dr. William Keller, Medical Advisory Board Play Audio


Corporate Update & Opportunity Calls

Get the latest updates from Synergy’s executive team as they share exciting news about Synergy WorldWide and the Synergy Advantage.

Click to view Corporate Update Calls

Date Description Click to Listen
04/16/2014 Corporate Update Call, Dan Higginson, Di Leavitt, Mark Comer Play Audio
03/19/2014 Corporate Update Call, Dan Higginson & Howard Hannemann Play Audio
02/18/2014 Corporate Update Call, Special with Dan Higginson & Dan Norman Play Audio
01/15/2014 Corporate Update Call, Live from Legacy Retreat Play Audio
11/20/2013 Corporate Update Call, Howard Hanneman, Dan Higginson & more Play Audio
08/21/2013 Corporate Update Call, Howard Hanneman & Guests Play Audio
06/27/2013 Opportunity Call by Howard Hanneman Play Audio
06/19/2013 Featuring Lee Edwards, Roger Hunt, Mylo Berstad Play Audio
03/20/2013 Howard Hannemann Play Audio
1/16/2013 Synergy Executive Team Play Audio
12/19/2012 Howard Hannemann, Director of Sales Play Audio
10/17/2012 Howard Hannemann, Stewart Rutter Play Audio
09/25/2012 Summit 2012 Recap Call Play Audio
08/20/2012 Canada Update Call Play Audio
08/20/2012 Dan Norman, President Play Audio
06/20/2012 Howard Hannemann, Director of Sales Play Audio
05/16/2012 Howard Hannemann, Director of Sales Play Audio



In-depth trainings ranging from products and social media to business building and promotions.

Click to view Webinars

Date Description Click to View
12/04/2013 ProArgi-9+: The Secret to Weight Loss. Hosted by Howard Hannemann, featuring Dan Hammer and Danielle Girdano. Learn more about ProArgi-9+’s ability to help you lose weight. View Webinar
11/06/2013 ProArgi-9+: Muscular Development and Endurance. Hosted by Howard Hannemann, featuring Dan Hammer and Danielle Girdano. Learn more about ProArgi-9+’s ability to enhance your physique and activity. View Webinar
09/05/2013 ProArgi-9+ and Exercise. Hosted by Howard Hannemann, featuring Dan Hammer and Danielle Girdano. Learn the science behind ProArgi-9+’s ability to enhance your physical activity. View Webinar
07/31/2013 2013 Chicago Sky Study. Hosted by Howard Hannemann, featuring Dan Hammer and Danielle Girdano. Learn what happened when ProArgi-9+ was used in a wellness program for the staff of the Chicago Sky WNBA team. View Webinar
06/20/2013 Dr. Stacey Bell explains the science behind the SLMsmart Weight Management System View Webinar
06/06/2013 Introducing SLMsmart. Learn how it amplifies your opportunities, your health, and the Synergy Advantage. View Webinar
01/16/2013 The Elite Track Training: Learn how to unlock thousands of extra earnings and bonuses in 2013. View Webinar
10/16/2012 Exploring the benefits of Mistica with Nutritional Research Scientist Tad Turgeon. View Webinar
06/13/2012 Heart Health Done Right: Exploring Vitamin D3, CoQ10 and Omega-3 with Nutritional Research Scientist Tad Turgeon. View Webinar
05/24/2012 Liquid Chlorophyll 201 with Pearl Executive Corrine Brandi View Webinar
05/01/2012 Liquid Chlorophyll 101 with Pearl Executive Corrine Brandi View Webinar
04/02/2012 Using Facebook for your Synergy Business with Senior Marking Manager Aaron McCain and Team Leader Jean LaVallie View Webinar


Videos, Presentations, and Other Downloads

Click to view downloads

Date Description Click to Download
03/2014 Synergy Product Catalog (pdf) Download
02/2014 Flyer: ProArgi-9+ in Physicians’ Desk Reference (pdf) Download
12/2013 ProArgi-9+: The Secret to Weight Loss (pdf) Download
11/2013 ProArgi-9+ Study: Muscular Development and Endurance (ppt) Download
10/2013 New ProArgi-9+ Study: Lactic Acid, Active and Exercise (pdf) Download
09/2013 How ProArgi-9+ Helped Danielle Girdano (pdf) Download
09/2013 ProArgi-9+ and Exercise Slides (pdf) Download
06/2013 2013 Chicago Sky Study (non-branded)(mp4) Download
06/2013 SLMsmart Webinar by Dr. Bell (wmv) Download
01/2012 Maximize Synergy Elite Track Webinar (wmv) Download
01/2012 Synergy Advantage Webinar (wmv) Download
01/2012 Bless Your Heart (mov) Download
01/2012 Synergy Advantage (mov) Download
01/2012 Synergy Compensation Plan Overview (mov) Download
01/2012 Compensation Plan Summary (pdf) Download
01/2012 Elite Track Training (pdf) Download
01/2012 ProArgi-9 Presentaiton Sheet (pdf) Download
01/2012 Synergy Advantage Presentation (pdf) Download
01/2012 Elite Track Training (ppt) Download
01/2012 Synergy Advantage Presentation (ppt) Download
01/2012 Synergy Quality Assurance Video (mov) Download

Monthly Challenge Update

Monthly Challenge Update

Already in the second half of April we are seeing great success from North American Team Members. Pete Miller is just under 3000 points for the month, and Steve Johnson is not too far behind. Everyone in this month’s Top 10 so far has over a thousand points! Keep up the good work everyone– you are on the track to some great prizes and, more importantly, an incredible vacation in Cabo!

Click here to see the Top 50 Challenge Leaderboards>>>

An important update has been made to the Top 50 Challenge rules: The North American Advisory Board and Executive Team have determined that it is the best interest of Team Member across the market for monthly Top 50 points to be earned only up until midnight (MDT) on the last day of each month. This means backdated orders will no longer count toward the previous month’s totals for Top 10 prizes and awards. Cumulative points will continue to be earned with backdated orders. Final Top 50 points may be earned up until midnight of September 30th.

Be sure to plan ahead and get your point totals to soar high before the end of each month to qualify for prizes like iPad Minis, bluetooth speakers, Synergy products and more.

Don’t forget, Cabo is approaching quickly, so set your sights on September 30th and qualify to have Synergy save your seat on the warm Mexican

Happy Birthday NSP 17 Apr 2014

Happy Birthday NSP

Today marks the 42nd birthday of Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc., the partner company of Synergy WorldWide. This industry giant has been setting an example of integrity and progress for over four decades now, and Synergy benefits from that example every day. Our strong partnership with NSP is valued immensely, and we look forward to the next four decades together.

Nature’s Sunshine became a reality 42 years ago as the Hughes family sat around their kitchen table and began encapsulating powdered capsicum to share. Their pioneering vision revolutionized the natural supplement industry, and their dedication, determination and personal sacrifice laid a strong foundation that has been continually reinforced by Synergy/NSP’s commitment to quality, service and integrity.

As we wish NSP a happy 42nd birthday, we also want to thank the many Synergy Team Members for their efforts to carry on the traditions and values that the Hughes emphasized through the company’s history.

For more information about the strategic partnership between NSP and Synergy, click here.

Lynda Hammons Business Builder Conference BBC Invitation

Lynda Hammons BBC Invitation

The 2014 Business Builder Conference is less than one month away. We hope you will be able to attend this fantastic event, as we have some powerful training sessions planned, including a Quality Assurance workshop you surely won’t forget. Watch the video below as Lynda Hammons, Vice President of QA for Synergy/Nature’s Sunshine, hints at a few reasons to be excited for what awaits you at the conference this year:


April Corporate Update Call Wednesday, April16 2014

April Corporate Update Call

On Wednesday, April 16: 

Director of Sales Howard Hannemann will be hosting our monthly Corporate Update Call. After a very successful first quarter, Synergy WorldWide is primed for great things in the near future. Listen as Howard, along with Synergy Founder Dan Higginson and other special guests discuss the state of the company, the current initiatives, and a few things we are happily anticipating.

Corporate Update Call 
Phone: 1-800-832-4695
Pin: 8908#
Time: 7 PM Mountain Time

These monthly update calls are a great way to get the latest news and information from Synergy HQ. Join us on the third Wednesday of each month to stay connected. The information you gather from these calls can be used for the benefit your business and your team.

Dan vs. Dan Update: Norman's Video Message

Dan vs. Dan Update: Norman’s Video Message

Last month we all were given a video update from Synergy Founder Dan Higginson, who was doing quite well with his Smart Switch challenge. Since then, many have put their money on Mr. Higginson as the probable winner, especially with Dan Norman keeping himself out of the challenge spotlight.

Well, now Dan Norman breaks his silence and shares his side of the story. With $1000 on the line, see how the President of this company feels about his friendly weight-loss wager with Dan Higginson. Remember, there is only one month left until the final weigh in at the Business Builder Conference.

Does Dan Norman have a chance of winning? Does he really have more muscle than Dan Higginson? Is he the hare in a tortoise-and-the-hare scenario? In time, all that will matter is the final weigh in at the Business Builder Conference where the winner will be declared.

Remember, Dan Higginson just spent time in Cancun, joining North America’s Top 50 Team Members of 2013 at an all-inclusive resort. “All-inclusive” means “all you can eat,” and
“all the sugary-drinks you can drink.” Perhaps that was Norman’s chance to pull ahead.

How is your personal Smart Switch Challenge going?
Are you still drinking Health Shake instead of a typical breakfast? Maybe you’ve been switching your lunch to Health Shake also? Don’t forget to tell us about it! Submit your Smart Switch Challenge forms to tell your story, and you will be put in the running for big prizes from Synergy WorldWide. On top of that, you’ll be on a track to healthy, maintainable weight-loss that brings a world of rewards your way.